Miss Pru Dumps Ambitiouz Entertainment

After seven years, the DJ has cut all working ties with the label

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Miss Pru is finally raising the white flag to Ambitiouz Entertainment after seven (7) years with the music label. Following her hiatus months of hiatus from making any music, the DJ is cutting all the working ties, eventually.

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It has been one hell of a roller-coaster at the Ambitiouz Entertainment stable following scores of artists parting ways with the label. Miss Pru is certainly no exception as after seven years under the label, she is finally calling it quits, according to the statement shared by Entertainment Commentator Phil Mphela on Twitter.

"Miss Pru leaves Ambitious Entertainment After 7 years with the record label, the DJ says she and the company have reached a mutual separation decision" wrote Phil Mphela
In the statement, the DJ has elaborated how the seven years with the label has grown her as well as her brand. She continues to highlight that there is no bad blood but they have outgrown each other.

The last seven (7) years with Ambitiouz Entertainment have been an incredible journey, I have evolved so much as an artist and as a person and none of which would've been possible without the extraordinary support from the team" reads the statement

Miss Pru also reveals that a couple of months ago she has taken a break from making music to only re-evaluate herself. The DJ felt as though she had to press pause followed by a reset button in order for her to be the best that she can be to her fans.

"Over the past couple of months I took a bit of a break from being active to making music and had taken this much deserved break to re-energies and redefine my artistic expression in a way that allows me to give the best that I can to my supporters" read the statement

While fans and tweeps are just as shocked at the fact that Miss Pru has managed to stay this long with this 'problematic' label. According to the statement, it appears there is no bad blood between the two. As Miss Pru continues to profusely praises how Ambitiouz Entertainment has made her into the artist she is today.

Ambitiouz Entertainment played a big role in my career and so it is not an easy decision to announce my departure from the label. Myself and Ambitiouz Entertainment have amicably consented to part ways and I will forever be grateful for all their hard work and value they have added to my brand" read the statement

Usually where there smoke there is always fire, as tweeps are more convinced that it was actually Ambitiouz Entertainment that let Miss Pru go on the basis that she was no longer keeping to the end of her bargain.

"It's always a mutual agreement until Ambitious removes her youtube channel or her music from dp's etc ,Ambitious don't play games it's either yiu successful with them or risk career death without them cause they'll make sure to make her life miserable" wrote Solly Msotsi
"A heartfelt thank you to Mr Mahumapela, the entire team and the label mates. You have been amazing and I couldn;t have wished for a better foundation to launch my career" statement ends.

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