Mona Monyane Pays Tribute To Her Late Daughter

"Thank you for saving my life Amani,"-Mona

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TV actress Mona Monyane has paid tribute to her late daughter Amani-Amaza Wamazulu who died in 2017, seven days after Mona gave birth to her.

Amini would have turned 5 years old this year, and her mother never stops celebrating her. In a lengthy and touching Instagram post, the actress thanks Amani for saving her life and being the light.

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"My sweet, sweet angel. I will always wonder I will always long for you. I will never ever forget you. Thank you for saving my life Amani. Thank you for being the light That illuminated my darkness, Mona wrote.

Mona says she wishes Amani would have stayed, but she understands why she left. "You would be so proud of your Mama. I remember everything you taught me. I use my pain to heal. I've embraced who I AM. I walk in my purpose. My Spirit is awake. I wish you had stayed. But I understand why you left. Although my heart is still broken/ Today I choose to remember this moment. How proud I was to be the mother of 2. Phenomenal Queens," she continues.

The actress says she will continue to celebrate her. "My world felt so complete on this day. I choose to remember. The promises I made. I choose to keep them alive. Forever and always. I started #POW for you my baby. I will continue to grow it for you. I will love and laugh for you...I will continue to live for you."

Fans took to the comments section to wish her well.

Mashibe5 wrote "Happy birthday baby girl 🕊🕯, I recently lost my baby boy, they come for a couple of days with a purpose, I’m yet to discover why God took him 5 days after he was born but I’m now discovering a lot about myself and I can’t wait to see how I will be after 5 years."

Relebokghille commented, "Living with it is the hardest 😞some say as time goes we’ll heal but no as time goes it becomes a deep hole 🕯💐love and light."

Mo_bubbles wrote "In a few days it’s going to be my late daughter’s 1st birth and death day I don’t know how I going to get through it I’m scared thinking about the day. It’s really painful happy heavenly birthday to your angel.""

Ethabotee "I started following your journey around about the same time before you gave birth to Amanzi......your resilience, your strength, and ❤ for your children resonated with me so much even though I was not a mother yet. You have been a testimony of grace. May God continue in you chomi. Rest baby girl."

In 2021, Mona penned a touching post remembering her baby girl "At first I did not understand...4 years later... I AM well. Thank you for giving me the strength you did. The awakening you did. The self-love you did. Thank you for healing me in the midst of all that pain," she wrote.

She thanked her for being part of her life. "Thank you for being a part of me, eternally. I will continue to be the best version of myself for the whole world to see. Because of you. I love you forever my sweet."

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