Msaki Holding Podcast and Chill With MacG Accountable

The singer calmly called out all the wrong thing the host are doing to their guests

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Amidst her announcement that came as a shock to scores of her fans that suggested that she is finally hanging the microphone. Singer Msaki is subsequently receiving all the applause following her Podcast and Chill with MacG sit down where she held the platform accountable.

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Evidently, a number of Mzansi celebrities have sworn that they will never set foot on Podcast and Chill with MacG. This comes after how this platform has managed to be reduced to the one that does not support women. It always favors, support and continues to host alleged perpetrators of women abuse.

Even though its die hard fans live by it, a number of people have dubbed Podcast and Chill with MacG as problematic and plaque to the society. Singer and songwriter Msaki is receiving all the praises following her sit down with both MacG and co-host Sol Phenduka. Msaki did not hold back to let MacG and Sol Phendula know the advantages and disadvantages that their podcast has on people's life especially the famous personalities.

"This is one of spaces that unflattens us, that whole project of decompressing ourselves to ourselves so that we can be caricatures, jpeg's and memes, and we are reducing ourselves to like one word so that we share. Because if you think about compression, you can't share anything that's full or interesting or details. You have to compress it, it won't go. You can't upload it on the internet it will say 'your video is too heavy' it is containing too much information about a person's fullness. It reduces ubumntu bomntu, so if there's a place where I come and say 'eish I am hurt that happened or I a saying the reason why I write songs is this. You are providing a space that is doing the opposite of what technology is doing to us said Msaki

Msaki also shared that she has written songs for the likes of Kelly Khumalo and Lady Zamar to name a few. However, Lady Zamar has come guns blazing to clarify that indeed she has worked with Msaki in past projects but it was all collaborative work.

"this is clarity for my za’martians with love msaki and i have worked on only one song together… we co-wrote the hook to freedom ft rapsody and have since done no other work together. i am grateful for her contribution and i appreciate sharing my journey with her" wrote Lady Zamar
Msaki was very precise with her bidding words to the Podcast and Chill crew as she proceeded to urge them to refrain from the continuous torment and trolling of people on their platform.

"You guys need to stop with those silly games, we take you with your good and your bad. Because we're a whole experiences. I can't reduce you to your blindspot, I can't reduce you where you made mistakes, you know what I mean. i mean you all are fucked up" ended Msaki

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