Msaki Releases One Final Statement On Hiatus

At least she is still set to perform in the coming months.

By  | Jan 21, 2023, 01:19 PM  | Msaki  | Drama

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Msaki has been receiving a lot of love since her open and honest interview on Podcast and Chill with MacG and Sol. A fact which seems to have led her to release one final statement confirming her imminent hiatus from the limelight following her first scandalous headline making story.

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As teased in the past, the musician confirmed that this year she will not be front and centre in terms of music releases as she plans to focus on herself.

Msaki releases one final statement on hiatus

Taking to her social media, Msaki shared one final statement on her imminent hiatus by writing at length at what exactly ;ed to her decision to take a break a decade into being an independent recording artist. The post read in part sharing that: 

“Please understand why I have to leave this space. Please release. I may seem weak because I let this get to me.” 

This is as she is referring to the allegations that she was the reason that Smash Afrika and his wife’s marriage ended due to their affair. A matter she addressed cryptically during her Podcast and Chill interview when she shared that: 

“It’s a story of a relationship ending. I don’t have anything to do with that relationship ending but I’m dragged in. Smash is a great guy. I have nothing to do with the end of his relationship and I’m just hurt,” she said.

Moreover, the uplifting and spiritually anchored musician who confirmed that she was not married anymore also went on to share: 

“It hurts that I get caught up in a story... I wrote something from my heart and it ended up in the tabloids... we (Smash Africa and Msaki) were good for a while but it was just the disappointment too of, you could say, the truth.”

Moreover, more than just pleading for sensitivity for herself during this time. Msaki asserted that asserted that her stance is meant to be taken into consideration for all our media personalities as her statement went on to share that: 

“Allow me to take my leave for my wholeness. Please remember me as the one who said we are not meant to take this even if it's part of the territory. I stand for them as I leave. We need to love more. Please don’t push people to the edge and only have empathy after they become a statistic. Be kind to my colleagues, we are just people.” 

She concluded that statement by affirming that her social media accounts will remain active. However, all the posts will be managed by her time and will serve as a notice board of sorts of her upcoming appearances which she is obligated to fulfil. 
However, in terms of new music, it seems that the closest date that her fan base can expect to hear from Msaki should be in 2024. That is if she has found healing during this time away in order to allow herself to heal again. 

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