Is Sne Mseleku Pregnant Again?

Tweeps are suspecting that the daughter of Musa Mseleku might be pregnant

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Sne Msekelu's pregnancy rumors have sparked a conversation on twitter. Tweeps are suspecting that Musa Mseleku's child may be pregnant again with a different baby father.

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Sne Mseleku may be Musa Mseleku's child, but tweeps have dubbed her the wife Musa Mseleku wishes he had. This wild comparison comes after the speculations that may be pregnant with her third child as she already have two children with her boyfriend.

On Twitter an account belonging to MprueDie posed a question to her fellow tweeps questioning Sne Mseleku being pregnant. Although Sne has denied the pregnancy rumors, some tweeps have suggested that she has admitted to being pregnant with a different baby father.

"Aw uSne waMseleku umithi futhi? wrote MprueDie

"Sne is who Musa wishes his wives were" wrote Fortune Magaela
"Ngathi she'll give Mseleku the 20 kids he'll like to have" wrote uSwadathi
"She’s assisting her dad with his goals at this point" wrote Posh Teedkay
Calling Musa Mseleku and his daughter Sne Mseleku's relationship strained would be an understatement. However, over the couple of season they have significantly improved. Viewers have already dubbed Sne Mseleku a problem child for always falling pregant and running away from home to reside with her baby daddy.

In the recent episode, viewers were let in to Sne Msekelu's world as they were finally introduced to Sne's baby father, Siya. When Musa finally met with Siya, viewers felt as though he was going to manhandle him. Instead, the frightened Siya could not even make eye contact with Musa Mseleku.

"I want us to sit together as men and talk. My brother, you have caused damage in my house,  I want to know who they belong to, and how they ended up in my yard. Since I am raising these children, I take them as my own. The day he says he wants them, he may not get them. So, I want us to talk and understand each other" said Musa Mseleku

Concerned tweeps have urged Musa Mseleku's first wife MaCele to put Sne under contraceptives immediately. Although Sne has denied her pregnancy for quite some time, Sne is also not beating the allegations considering her track record.

"At this point uMaCele needs to take her to the gynae bamufake the 5year loop. Otherwise there’ll be a new grand baby every two years" wrote Auntee N
"2 with the same father, this will be her 3rd with a new father" wrote Mbuyazi Lihle
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