Nandi Madida Shares Video Of Son Shaka Boasting About His Farm

He owns an 'amadumbe' farm in KZN

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Nandi Madida shared an adorable video of her son Shaka Madida boasting about the fruits of his farm.

In the video, her 3-year-old son can be heard saying "This is from my farm, yeah that's my farm" and then gracefully proceeding to singing their rendition of  the classic 'Old McDonalds' had a farm' song.

The star who rarely blesses her followers with pictures and videos of her children, melted their hearts by sharing the video which speaks volumes of their parenting skills.

Nandi revealed that she bought her son land as his birthday gift and have since built a farm, where he grows amadumbe.

The musician revealed how important it is for her and her family to acquire generational wealth that will continue on with their grandchildren and so forth.

In the caption she wrote how proud she is for being able to provide land for her children and helping them start their own farms, saying it aligns with all things 'good and Godly'.
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"These are my son Shaka’s amadumbe from his farm in KZN. It has always been a dream of mine (and my ancestors) that one day when I have children, that they have their own farms and generational wealth that aligns with all things good and Godly that they can pass onto their children on so on and most importantly share with the village which my son does with the help of my incredible mother and the inspiring farm workers.," she wrote.

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Picture credit: Instagram/@nandi_madida
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