Ncooh! Kgolo Mthembu Pens The Sweetest Message To His Wife

He melts social media users' hearts

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Club owner Kgolo Mthembu has melted the hearts of social media users after taking to his Instagram account to pen the sweetest message to his wife, reality show star Annie Mthembu.

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The couple has been together for several years and they continue to prove that real love does exist. We love seeing the couple strive in their business and in their relationship.

Typically, Kgolo said they don't usually celebrate Valentine's Day with his wife, but he wanted to brighten his social media users' day by sharing some romantic moments of their relationship.

Kgolo shared a picture from when he proposed to her on a gondola in Italy when they were on the grand canal. As a typical Kasi boy, he said he never cared much about learning how to swim, yet there he was taking a risk.

"So I might look all calm and collected in this picture but the honest truth is I was super nervous and sweating," he said.

"I’m nervous cause I was one of those typical township boys who never thought it was important to learn how to swim. And here I am risking my life proposing in the middle of the grand canal on a gondola (with no life jacket on ) …and no guarantee if she will say Yes. Sweating cause its bloody hot and I’m wearing my winter blazer…but it was crucial for me to look dapper for ‘the gram."

The businessman then decided to gush about his wife for changing his life and sticking with him. "Today we are married with kids . This woman has changed my life & played a major role in my success. Showed me a different perspective about love and commitment. Of course it’s not always rosey but one thing for sure is that it’s real . We don’t need to pretend that we are wealthy , happy or everything is fine when it’s not.

Kgolo went on to inspire people that true love exists but that it will never be perfect."True love exists …it’s never perfect ..just REAL.So never stop believing in love and if you’re single never feel incomplete…cause YOU ARE ENOUGH!!" he concluded.

The Mthembu's tied the knot at the La Paris Estate in the Cape Winelands in December. Their beautiful wedding was attended by their families and close friends

Taking to her Instagram account, Annie thanked everyone who attended their wedding and said she was grateful for everything she has been blessed with, "This season of my life is so powerful in shaping my future, I am so grateful to share my wedding with the people I love and to truly celebrate life and new beginnings. The last year has been so difficult and uncertain: my wedding has been delayed so many times. So I am so grateful and blessed that everything was absolutely as I imagined: a perfect start to my new chapter."

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