Ngizwe Mchunu Confirms His Video While Doing No. 2

He is deeply hurt for the person who took the video

By  | Sep 26, 2022, 08:16 PM  | Ngizwe Mchunu  | Top of the

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Known for his unapologetic and very vocal self, the former Ukhozi FM DJ Ngizwe Mchunu is deeply hurt and very disturbed by his video  while in the toilet. Unknowingly, while he was busy in the toilet stall Ngziwe Mchunu was secretly video recorded by an unknown person.

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Ngizwe Mchunu has took to social media to share how deeply hurt and violated he feels after his video making rounds on social media. While he was taking take of his business in a toilet stall, Ngizwe Mchunu was secretly recorded by an unknown person who then leaked the video on social media..

The outraged and gravely embarrassed Ngizwe Mchunu has pleaded to anyone who might have information on the person who recorded him to come forward. Speaking on the video, Ngizwe Mchunu has expressed how violated he feels and the pain and hurt that came with that embarrassing moment.

"It was indeed me who was secretly video recorded while I was in the toilet pooping. This thing has been more hurting and embarrassing than that awkward moment. I appeal to all the religious people to help me to pray for this very person to get what comes to them. And to those who have turned and made this a laughable matter, I have no idea what are they laughing at" said Ngizwa Mchunu

Indeed, everybody has a right to privacy and especially when one is using the bathroom. However, for Ngizwe Mchunu to be robbed of his right of privacy in that manner, really took a toll on him as well as his family. Ngizwe Mchunu continued to insert that he does not enjoy the way people are treating him and the embarrassing names they are calling him.

"We all have a right to privacy, but to violated like that is deeply hurting. I an now called an ambassador for pooping more than everyone online. It is not funny at all. How many times have this person who took the video pooped?" said Ngizwe Mchunu

Just recently, another Ngizwe Mchunu's video was making rounds on social and sent  his people into a frenzy. In very video, Ngizwe Mchunu was lashing out to Eskom, as a result why as a country we are currently experiencing load shedding. He goes to call out President Cyril Ramaphosa and elude that he is useless.

"Fuseg Eskom fuseg! Fuseg Eskom fuseg! Fuseg Ramaphosa fuseg!  Fuseg Gwede Mantashe nesisu eskhulu fuseg! Sixoshe izinja lezi kanye nalomgodoyi lona, lenja le, lento le, leli ndiya leli u-Pravin Gordhan, akafi ngani lowomuntu ngoba bona baright kabi, mangafa namhlanje angancwatshwa ngo-3 ntambama. Yazi shembe we can be in peace with immediate effect!" said Ngizwe Mchunu

On his rant, Ngizwe Mchunu was heard even wishing death on Minister Pravin Gordhan, while calling him incompetent and not deserving of his title.

"“Akafi ngani, baright kabi engafa namuhlanje agcwatshwe ngo 3 ntambama”…Smakade nkosi yosofa" wrote Nkunzi Ebomvu
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