Former Ukhozi FM Ngizwe Mchunu Causes Another Controversy

His latest video has got tongues wagging

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Popularly known for his tongue wagging content on social media, former Ukhozi FM Ngizwe Mchunu has something coming for the fans. His video making rounds on social media has gotten tweeps at the edge of the seats as he lashes out to President Cyril Ramaphosa and others.

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Ngizwe Mchunu has earned the role of being one of Mzansi's most controversial popular personalities. Following his number of video that always catch people's attention with his tongue in cheek content and always lashing out to people.

One of his Ngizwe Mchunu's video that is currently making rounds on social has left tweeps jaws dropped to the floor. In this very video, Ngizwe Mchunu is lashing out on to Eskom, as a result why as a country we are currently experiencing load shedding. He goes to call out President Cyril Ramaphosa and elude that he is useless.

"Fuseg Eskom fuseg! Fuseg Eskom fuseg! Fuseg Ramaphosa fuseg!  Fuseg Gwede Mantashe nesisu eskhulu fuseg! Sixoshe izinja lezi kanye nalomgodoyi lona, lenja le, lento le, leli ndiya leli u-Pravin Gordhan, akafi ngani lowomuntu ngoba bona baright kabi, mangafa namhlanje angancwatshwa ngo-3 ntambama. Yazi shembe we can be in peace with immediate effect!" said Ngizwe Mchunu
Tweeps are more shocked at the language and swearing words Ngizwe Mchunu used to convey his grievance. Not only that he went on to wish death on Pravin Gordhan, while inserting that why is he still alive, he should just 'die'. Meanwhile some tweeps are actually agreeing with what Ngizwe Mchunu is saying in the video, about having to get rid of President Cyril Ramapho, Gwede Mantashe and Pravin Gordhan.

"“Akafi ngani, baright kabi engafa namuhlanje agcwatshwe ngo 3 ntambama”…Smakade nkosi yosofa" wrote Nkunzi Ebomvu
""We can be in peace with immediate effect" wrote This Is Colbert
"Is my first time to see this guy ekhuluma inqiniso" wrote Mwelase Sthe
"He's always spitting facts though" wrote Don Buthelezi
Ngizwe Mchunu was let go about the South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) Ukhzoi FM after years working for the station. Following his dismissal, he has never landed another commercial radio presenting job. However, his popularity has expanded ten folds, with his video that are always trending on social media.

After leaving Ukhozi FM, Ngizwe went on to start his own online radio station called Ngizwe Mchunu FM in 2019 with an aim of playing and promoting traditional music.

Ngizwe Mchunu is also a proud polygamist man who has been married thrice. This article looks at who Ngizwe Mchunu’s wives are and how their marriage works.

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