Norma Gigaba opens up about Buhle Mkhize

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Norma Gigaba has finally broken her silence on the Buhle Mkhize saga.

Buhle, a US-based businesswoman, admitted to having an affair with Norma's husband, Minister of Home Affairs Malusi Gigaba. She has also threatened legal action against Norma after she allegedly called her a "prostitute". 

The feud between the two women is so bad that Mrs Gigaba even decided to deactivate her Instagram account. 

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Norma told the Sunday Tribune: "The reason she [Buhle] is continuing with her posts is because I don’t respond and it upsets her. I don’t understand why she is harassing me when she is the one who had sex with my man."

She told the publication that Buhle started sending her threatening emails in 2014, demanding money. "I told her she would not get any money, only a prostitute does that."

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According to the paper, Norma revealed that the businesswoman started harassing her two months after she and Malusi got married. Buhle apparently told her not to post any pictures of her husband or her kids.

Wait, what? How do you tell someone not to post pictures of HER husband or HER children? 

Norma continued: "This woman is obsessed with me. At some point she apologised, saying she didn’t mean what she said, but still continued. I did not tell her to sleep with my husband. Malusi admitted it and said it was a mistake. We are over it, but I will always call her a prostitute for demanding money." 

However, Buhle believes that Mrs Ggigaba is the one who's obssessed with her.

Oh, she also wants an apology from Mrs Gigaba...

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