Ntsiki Mazwai Unsubscribes From Musa Khawula's YouTube Channel

Following the outrage after Khawula tormenting Lerato Kganyago

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Media Personality Ntsiki Mazwai finally unsubscribes from Musa Khawula's controversial YouTube channel. Mazwai who was Khawula's fan has ended the relationship, following Khawula's vile commentary towards Media Personality, Lerato Kganyago.

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For the past two days, the controversial social media blogger and YouTuber Musa Khawula has been under fire following Lerato Kganyago's viral videos. Kganyago took to Instagram to address Khawula's vile and cruel commentary towards her and her family for a long minute.

After scores of tweeps threatened to unsubscribed from Khawula's YouTube channel. Ntsiki Mazwa has been the first person to admits on social media that she has since unsubscribed and cut ties with Khawula's YouTube channel.

"Yazi .... mina after seeing that Leraro Kganyago video, I unsubscribed to Musa Khawula YouTube ........ That video showed how much pain the content causes......I can't add my energy to that It's not ok. She is right.....we subscribers are part of the problem I'm out" wrote Ntsiki Mazwai
In a video, Mazwai proceeds to question her character as someone who was enjoying Khawula 's content and what does that say about her. A number of tweeps have since threatened to follow in Mazwai's footsteps and cancel Musa Khawula.

"So, guys we actually have to talk about why me consume the Musa Khawula content. Initially, I was part of the like, giggling crew but we have to think about why we get excited about hearing horrible stuff about other people and things that actually hurt other people. So, you know after realizing how much hurt it causes, I am not, if somebody or an entity is taking out so much negative energy and I am consuming it, what that actually doing to me" said Ntsiki Mazwai
Evidently, Khawula has pressed Lerato Kganyago's last buttons as the DJ took to Instagram live to name and shame the devil. Kganyago, who has been Khawula's target and a punching back since his Twitter days, has lashed out at the YouTuber for always taking digs at her.

In her rants, Kganyago expressed how exhausting it has been being the center of Khawula's slander. Scores of tweeps have applauded Kganyago, for eventually addressing Khawula.
Taking to her Instagram live session, Lerato finally addressed the continued bullying she has been subjected to by Musa. Firstly, she made it clear that she has no respect for Musa. Not because he attacks her with the continued comparison with Bonang, but due to him attacking her “womb” and marriage.
Secondly, she let it be known that she has taken legal action against Khawula, which is an additional charge to the other eight that he has. Within that eight, allegedly, there is the inclusion of a murder charge.
Lastly, she clarified the allegation that she has sent people to intimidate Musa. Lerato stated that her brother did go to Musa’s studio where he shoots his YouTube channel. However, it was to serve him the legal documents and tell him to stop what he was doing, and not to physically intimidate him.

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