Tweeps Breathing Fire Down Musa Khawula's Neck Following LKG's Rant

They are ready to boycott his YouTube channel

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Scores of tweeps are ready to boycott Musa Khawula's YouTube channel following Lerato Kganyago's Instagram rants. It appears the Media Personality and DJ is at her wits end with the constant trolling and torment from the controversial Khawula.

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Evidently, Musa Khawula has pressed Lerato Kganyago's last buttons as the DJ took to Instagram live to name and shame the devil. Kganyago who has been Khawula's target and a punching back since his Twitter days, has lashed out at the YouTuber for always taking digs at her.

In her rants, Kganyago expressed how exhausting it has been being the center of Khawula's vile commentary. While some tweeps have criticized Kganyago for stooping to Khawula's level by addressing him. More tweeps have applauded Kganyago, who has kept quiet for a long minute while publicly ridiculed and tormented by Khawula.

"Im glad Lerato Kganyago spoke up against Musa Khawula and gave him the taste of his own medicine. The abuse is too much now, it no longer gossip. It personal. LKG seems like one of the nicest beings in the industry and bothers no one. No maaaaan !!!" wrote Maverick Huzaifah
In Lerato Kganyago's defense, scores of tweeps have slammed and blasted Musa Khawula for continuously picking up on unproblematic people. Tweeps are ready to boycott his YouTube channel the same way he was suspended on twitter

After he was suspended on YouTube following vile commentary he made about Media Mogul Connie Ferguson. One would though he would come back a changed person but Khawula will stop at nothing from trolling and tormenting scores of celebrities.

"When I said this the first time they made fun of me but I’m going to say it again. Musa Khawula does not deserve a platform. Idc." wrote Nonhlanhla Siwela
"Honestly disgusting how everyone continues to kiki to those Musa Khawula’s videos. Especially the gays mara are very quick to cancel a homophobe or an abuser mara someone accused of murder and he’s rude and a bully y’all find it funny. But hey." wrote Tevy Scott
What has also been unsettling for a number of tweeps, is how Musa Khawula gloats about being poor, when he receives threats about getting sued. Which alone goes to show he does not have anything to lose but to make people's life miserable.

"Lerato will go crazy ke Musa. There is no point of fighting someone who has nothing to lose. I just feel bad for Lerato" wrote Mrs Killmonger
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