Pearl Thusi: I’d Give It All Away To Have You With Me

She Remembers Late Mom On Her Birthday

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Today, Pearl Thusi penned a heartfelt letter to her mother, who passed away on this day 16-years ago.

"I find new ways to cope every time the world finds a way to remind me that you’re not here to console me about the little things and the big things..." Wrote an emotional Pearl Thusi.
"That I can’t boast about how you made and raised the first African MAC cosmetics ambassador, the first person to lead a Netflix original in Africa... an international actress, a strong mother, businesswoman and activist."

The Queen Sono star attributes all her superstar qualities to her mom and boy did she raise a queen. We join Pearl in applauding her mother for a job well done. "You did so good mom. I’m so proud of you..." 

What broke our heart from her lengthy post is hearing Pearl say that she'd give it all away to be re-joined with her mother.

"But I’d give it all away to have you with me." She continued. "I really would. The fame, the money. I can’t share it with you but hopefully, I use it to make sure people remember you & I continue making you proud by raising a young woman that will be our ancestors wildest dreams. Love you forever and always."

Check out the rest of Pearl's sweet letter to her mother below.
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