BCCSA Cuts Phat Joe Some Slack

His show was accused of being homophobic

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Phat Joe's new television show Cheeky Palate has come under fire for their homophobic segment which aired on October 9 2020. The show which had guests such as Zwai Bala, Gerry Eldson, Nobuntu Webster, Joshua Maponga and Gogo Dineo, was accused of being homophobic.

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Phat Joe and his array of guests sit down to discuss societal issues, which include but not limited to Men are trash, Black lives matter, lobola negotiations and so forth. The very first episode landed the show in hot water as guests talked about homosexuality and the bible.

According to entertainment commentator Phil Mphela, 16 complaints have been laid at the Broadcasting Complaints Commission of SA headquarters over homophobic statements on the show.

Recently the BCCSA issued out a statement to TshisaLive emancipating Phat Joe and Cheeky Palate from any wrongdoing and said their episode did not disrespect the LGBTQI community. In their adjudication as seen by TshisaLive, the BCCSA wrote;

"The discussion on homosexuality was not such that it advocated for hatred against the LGBTIQ+ community. What was central in what was said as far as homosexuality is concerned was that the Bible prohibits it – that homosexuality is a sin.

"Gerry went further to state that despite homosexuality being prohibited by the Bible, homosexual people are still guaranteed ‘the love of God’. The guests acknowledged the supremacy of our constitution. The result therefore is that even where people are devoted to their religious indoctrinations, they have no choice but to abide by the constitution, it is law," the BCCSA said as quoted by TshisaLive. 

They also further went on to say that episode was not in any way disrespecting children, "A child of enough intelligence to comprehend the broadcast in contention would either already have set biblical beliefs, unlikely to be changed by the broadcast, or have dissenting beliefs or merely require guidance."

The BCCSA further defended Cheeky Palate guests by saying; "The issue of religion and homosexuality is indeed an issue of public importance. Several atrocities have been committed against the LGBTIQ+ community by those intolerant members of society," BCCSA stated.

They added that Gogo Dineo vocally said that her child was a part of the LGBTQI family. Her statement then lead to a discussion by the group. 

"She was clearly not in conformity with the view that homosexuality is a sin. The opposing viewpoints as such need not be judged by the number of guests who supported Dineo’s views, the lucidity of her views was enough to provide the balance required." 

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