Prince Kaybee, Mobi Dixon, Naakmusiq, Donald and DJ Tira go head-to-head

Who says a little competition is a bad thing?

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Bet you thought these brothers were coming together to make a song. Errr, nope. This time their efforts are geared towards something more important: physical fitness.

The ladies are definitely going to love this. Instead of fighting over ownership of songs, SA's house heavyweights took their competitiveness to the gym. Naakmusiq set it off by posting a video flexing his biceps saying how these gentlemen are against each other in the gym but they're all still members of the same house. What we didn't see was that this was a challenge to Mobi Dixon, DJ Tira and Donald to see who could get their gains up.

As a response to this, Mobi Dixon posted his own video showing off his chest day regimen and, in turn, tacitly accepting the challenge.. 

..which Donald called not being serious and proceeded to post his own video showing his back workout regimen and in turn accepting the challenge also. 

Of course, Prince Kaybee kinda got roped in and he accepted but he had a legit question: till when did they have to get these gains? The response was the 1st of September. 

Prince Kaybee accepts challenge

Of course, out of all these responses the one that we haven't seen is from Makoya Bearings himself. But we have a feeling that given the competitive nature of men in general he'll probably post a video of him lifting a bus. Who'll gain the most? Probably the ladies who'll get to see these men journal their path to great muscular gain. Till the 1st of September then. 

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