The many times Proverb has shown us how to make money

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With the high unemployment rate in the country and the gap between the rich and the poor expanding almost yearly, you can’t help but admire people like Proverb who, in many ways has taught us how to get off our backsides and do what we possibly can to earn an income.

Unlike the average Joe, Proverb does not depend on one stream of income to support himself and his family. He has his hands dipped in many pies.

The event M.C

There is no male Master of Ceremony we know that is booked as much as Pro. Whether it is a corporate gig or an N.G.O project, Pro is a constant favourite and top of mind for many clients who are looking for that quintessential entertainer with a charming persona.

Every other week, you can expect Pro on a different stage hosting an event for many clients.


Now also keep in mind that every client has different requests and different audiences which means Pro has to continually prepare himself and find creative ways to entertain the crowd but also stick to the client’s brief when it comes to what is required from him as a host. This is just a testament to his adaptable nature, even if Pro had to be a host at a strip club, he’d probably do justice to the job.

Proverb MC 3
The radio personality

Our first taste of Pro’s work on radio was when he was a technical producer for the Fresh Breakfast Show on YFM many years ago.

He then moved on to become a technical content producer on the Drive Time Show on Metro FM alongside, Unathi & Glen Lewis. While a professional technical producer at Metro, he still found the time to prepare and host his own radio show titled The Pro-File.


He took a bit of a break from radio, then returned to be the host on Kaya FM’s weekend show - The KayaSette which he thoroughly enjoys doing.

Radio 2

The Musician

Music is the core talent that introduced him to the rest of the country if you’re a hip-hop head and love S.A hip-hop, Proverb is probably in your top 10 list of the best rappers in the country and here’s why?

My Version of Heaven with bonus Freestyle..

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The voice-over artist

When he’s not cashing in on his M.C and radio gigs, Pro is in the booth lacing down his vocals as a voice-over artist for some radio and television commercials.

voice over 1

You may not be aware but if done well and consistently, being a voice-over artist can bring you in a considerable amount of pocket change, and that’s why Pro does it often and does it well.


He not only does voice-overs for Idols SA but for other top brands in the country.

Voice over 2
The brand ambassador

If there’s one person you can trust with representing your brand it’s this guy, he will go over and above in ensuring that your brand is known and seen.


Whether he's promoting a deodorant...

Proverb deodarant

...or giving people tips on how to prepare a delicious breakfast with Rama, you can be assured that when it comes to brand endorsements, Pro is the guy for you.


If you’re someone who aspires to be in the entertainment industry, Proverb is your blueprint of how you can make money in different ways within this highly competitive industry.

Granted, Pro has put in more than 15-years of work to get where he is but if you adopt his work ethic and tunnel vision focus, we’re sure that you’ll find yourself moving from being unemployed to highly employable. That's if you're interested in working in this particular industry.


You’re probably wondering where does Pro find the time to do all these jobs and be a present father to his kids right? Well, I’d suggest you read my A to Zee article about loving what you do and the importance of continually following your passion, I think there will lie your answer about  Proverb’s superhuman powers as an entertainer.

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