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It's often advised to separate business from pleasure, however, these stars who feature among the continent's richest celebrities, seem to have figured out how to do what they love while still coining it.

So who are Namibia's richest celebrities? Let's have a look below:

King Tee Dee

King Tee Dee, is a big star and could easily be the richest musician in Namibia. His music makes him a lot of money. He has 11 albums and is the highest-selling artist in Namibia. He has sold millions of copies and won him countless awards. It has also placed him as an A-lister on some of Africaโ€™s biggest music concerts. 

He is one of those who have been fortunate enough to work with the president of Namibian. He's also come a long way in this industry and he recently shared a throwback pic that left many swooning and inspired to go out there and do what they love.

He is a health ambassador for the Smart Cut campaign. The campaign is a government initiative aimed at raising awareness about the importance of male circumcision.

His endorsement also includes being an ambassador for one of the biggest car brands, Range Rover.
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King Tee Deeโ€™s clothing brand, Mshasho, is selling in big stores in Namibia. He also has plans to see it selling in Edgars stores worldwide, and that will definitely add to the Doggโ€™s net worth. It produces male and female clothes. 

The musician has carved out an incredible career in the world of the arts, he even ventured into the business, to add another title to his already impressive resume. Adding to King Tee Deeโ€™s R1 million net worth are all these businesses, including his music, and they give him massive wealth.   


The โ€˜Misunderstoodโ€™ hitmaker is a winner of several awards. He is also one of the top five most-selling Namibian kwaito singers.

Gazza is an ambassador for education in Namibia. He is also UNIC Windhoek ambassador. His work as an ambassador includes encouraging citizens to save water and take 5-minute showers. 

His mineral water, G-Fresh, is doing well. He also owns a clothing line.

Namibian multi-award-winning musician Gazza, recently released his single Moses, but some of his fans are not impressed with it. The single was accompanied by a music video, which some said, he could have done better.
The music video is aimed at encouraging Namibians and the world at large during this difficult time, to carry a message of hope.  Gazza  shot his music video in a dessert, and it was inspired by Moses from the Bible.

Well, no matter what people say, these celebs are making sure their bank accounts are always filled to the brim.

Gazza, net worth estimated at $5 Million, could also easily fit into The Richest Celebrities in Namibia list.

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