Priddy Ugly Reflects On Cassper Loss

At least he is not a sore loser…

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It was one of the most anticipated sporting events meant to invigorate the passion and popularity that once upon a time defined the renaissance of boxing. The second part of  Cassper’s Nyovest’s Celebrity Boxing Event,  which saw Priddy Ugly this time step into the ring with Nyovest took place on Saturday, 1 October 2022.

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What was meant to be an opportunity to see Nyovest finally have some humble pie turned into an event which gave Mufasa all the ammunition he will need for the rest of this and maybe into early 2024 to drag trolls for filth. This is as Priddy Uglu not only seemingly disappointed his wife Bontle Modiselle, but disappointed all of South Africa with his dismal performance by failing to even make into into the second round or pass three minutes from starting time to complete 
ZAlebs react to Priddy Ugly loss

It is one thing to lose, but I guess it is another thing to lose two minutes into a boxing match through a technical knockout.  As a result, ZAlebs did not waste time dragging Priddy Ugly for dismal performance. Whether it is the likes of MoFlava, who could not even catch the match due to how short it was. 
There was also the suggestive tweet Dr Musa Mthombeni, who despite his own trending session this weekend did not stop him from throwing in his two cents on the blue app.
It seems that the only ZAlebs that was willing to take Priddy Ugly’s side was Sizwe Dhlomo. Well, technically. Dhlomo was willing to assert that he believes that the match was unfairly matched due to the weight difference between the two opponents. But he did not mind sharing a back-and-forth with Nyovest in the same breath, highlighting how proud he was that Nyovest could still go and perform after winning the match in question.
Priddy Ugly reflects on Cassper loss

With the internet dragging Priddy Ugly for filth due to his loss, you would think that he would take his time to return to the socials to reflect on his loss. But Priddy Ugly continues to affirm how much of a gentleman he is and a goodsports man. This is as it seems that after the loss, he and wife Bontle Modiselle went straight home to bond and heal over the loss. 

This is due to the reply that Nyovest provided in response to the touching message that Priddy Ugly penned on Twitter. Not only did he thank and congratulate Nyovest on his win. But  Priddy Ugly also acknowledged the impact of these celebrity boxing matches as they continue to reinvigorate a sports discipline which was once a Friday night flagship for SABC 2, but in recent years has waned in its popularity. 
It is interesting to see how Priddy Ugly has taken his loss as compared to Nyovest, who would not even acknowledge his loss suggesting that it was based on the bias of the judges… Now we have to see if Big Zulu will be different and naak Nyovest out. 

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