"Rest, Friend" - Coconut Kelz's Final Tribute To Riky Rick

She is still in shock

By  | Mar 01, 2022, 09:18 AM  | Rikhado "Riky Rick" Makhado  | Top of The

Coconut Kelz and Riky Rick
One of Mzansi’s brightest hip hop stars, Riky Rick, is set to be laid to rest today after he passed away last week. And as celebrities struggle to come to terms with his sudden death, his childhood friend, Lesego “Coconut Kelz” Tlhabi, took to Instagram to share her final tribute to one of her closest friends. 

She started out in disbelief, as it still does not make sense to her that he is gone for good. She wondered what she was supposed to wear to such a sad occasion, since they had apparently been asked to dress up for him, because he loved the mpahlas.

The family recently spoke up, saying that the rapper would be laid to rest today, Tuesday 1st March, in a small intimate ceremony. Only a select few people will be invited, and we can imagine that Coconut Kelz will be one of them, since she has known him since they were both children. 
Coconut Kelz continued to share a few more of their most beautiful memories together. She talked about a time when they were kids, when she tried to convince him to throw away some shoes she thought were ugly. But he was confident in his individuality from childhood, and would not be convinced. She said more about how she and their other friends had supported him in different sports he played, and gave more tear-jerking stories of their close relationship. 

She finished by saying that there were many more memories, but she would keep those to herself, and share them only with him. And as much as it sucks to think that she is saying goodbye to him for the last time today, she is grateful for the love and life they shared. 

This is the second time Coconut Kelz is writing a tribute to Riky Rick since he died. She spoke earlier on, a few days back, still in shock and disbelief. 

She talked about how the two of them became friends in high school because their mothers were close. She also said that although she had no choice but to be his friend initially, she was glad she did, because to know Riky was to love him. 
Mate I am truly heartbroken, for your family, for myself and for you. We are here for your family and we won’t let Maik forget how awesome his dad was, the Boss Zonke. We have lost a light and it’s always going to be a bit dimmer without you MaRiky. I’ll love you for always fam,” her post read.

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