Robbie Malinga's son shows off Porsche car

The young man is just living his best life.

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Robbie Malinga

We're not sure what Robbie Malinga Jnr was trying to do, but it's clear that he feels he has arrived. But who could blame him? If we hopped out of a Porsche car like that, we'd also think the same way.

A recent video of the late singer's son went viral on Sunday night and in the video, we can see Robbie Malinga Jnr revving a parked Porsche before stepping out of it and uttering the words;

"If you don't know me, now you know me, it's Robbie Jnr aka Rob Mali..I'm moving in now, it's verified know what the f&%$ goin' on..."

Uhm, Robbie we actually don't, please enlighten us.Β 


Check out the rest of the video below.

After the tweet went viral the mentions were just as wild.

Yes he did.

The boy is really just living out his dreams and the responses just kept coming.

Some people actually want to see more of videos from young Robbie and we can't help but think this is a trap.

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