Sbahle Mpisane on having her own TV fitness show & more

The fitness bunny has a whole lot of great plans lined up for 2018

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Sbahle Mpisane

Sbahle Mpisane is one of South Africa's favourite fitness junky, but how much do we really know about the KZN fitness instructor?

Here are some more interesting fitness facts we've come to learn about her:

  • Sbahle might come from a well-off family, however, she started her fitness journey on Instagram and focused on inspiring people to start their fitness journey as well.

“When I got Instagram, I asked myself, what direction do I want to I just decided, let me just stick to fitness. That's why I chose fitness. For me, it’s a business page…”

  • Sbahle has a degree in Housing and town planning.

“I was studying housing and town planning, I’m done now, I’ve got my degree…”

  • Sbahle is looking to start her own fitness TV show.

“I’ve always wanted to have my own fitness TV show...just having a studio would be a great I’m free and I’m willing to.


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“I’ve been wearing this ring, since last year Feb...I’m not engaged...I’m not single…”

  • According to an interview with Metro FM Sbahle Mpisane says that she used to take diet pills to get skinny until she chose to accept her body for the way, which in turn gave her a confidence boost.

“...African women especially, we’re built a different way, we’ve got curves, we’ve got big butts...for me being that kind of women, I just decided, one day let me stop having all the diet pills and trying to be skinny, let me accept my body for the way it is…”

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