Sechabi Pali 'proud' to be joining EFF

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:48 PM  | Sechaba Pali  | Top of The

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Troubled gospel star Sechaba Pali, has left the ANC and has joined the EFF. The star joined controversial political player Julius Malema's Economic Freedom Fighters party amidst clams that the ANC took advantage of him

Sechaba told Daily Sun that many musicians are "proud" to be associated with the party.

"I wear my red beret with pride. There are many musicians who are also EFF members. We are proud to be associated with Juju as he understands our plight," he explained.

Sechaba also claimed that the ANC had taken advantage of him. He also claimed he was promised to be made an ANC ambassador but it never happened

"Those people in the ANC can use you and leave you high and dry," he said of the apparent Free State appointment.

The singer added that he never received payment for many ANC events he performed at.

"I was an ANC member and the party's leaders in the Free State used to book me to perform at their events with the promise of paying me. But when I demanded my money I would be sent from pillar to post," Sechaba said.

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