Shane Eagle touches AKA's blood

The rappers went from friends to foes overnight 

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Vuzu Hustle runner up turned SAMA-award-wining rapper, Shane Eagle, has been at the centre of many a hip-hop industry dispute over the past few months and as time goes by, Shane seems to aim for targets even higher on the hip-hop food chain with every shot fired. 

The latest being rapper, Kiernan 'AKA' Forbes who served as judge when Eagle featured on the highly popular rap talent search show. The pair actually had a tumultuous relationship from the jump as AKA was often hard on Eagle - citing the fact that he didn't want Eagle coasting through the competition as "just another light-skinned n****h."

Shane ended up going very far in the competition and though he didn't win, he went on to carve out a career as a Vuzu presenter and a independent rapper - a fact Eagle is very proud of. 

AKA only recently became "independent" after a dramatic exit from Vth Season. He did however ink a distribution deal with Sony Music South Africa. 

He has since been waxing lyrical about independence online but it seems Eagle was not having it. In a series of tweets about independence, AKA tweeted the following:

I want all artists to take note ... you don’t need to sign a deal with a major to make your dreams come true and handle your business. We did this independently, with an independent distributor. 🔴— AKA (@akaworldwide) 

Before adding a list of South African albums he likes; 
To which Eagle (who's album didn't make the list) responded; 
And that one tweet sent AKA on a rant spree which was followed by an apology as usual, 

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