MaMkhize Joins Durban Gen

She is set to make her debut on Friday

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Business mogul Shawn Mkhize is set to pursue her interest in acting on the popular medical drama Durban Gen. Her first appearance on screen will be on Friday 28 October.

Shawn will enter the world of Durban Gen as herself in back-to-back episodes, playing the role of a sponsor to an NGO that Sne finds herself establishing later on in the series

Durban Gen is no stranger to welcoming big names to the show, and we’re excited about the prospects of where the story is headed. According top the show, viewers can expect some interesting conversations to be sparked with the inclusion of MaMkhize.
Daily Sun reported in August that MaMkhize had joined the show and had already started filming. According to the outlet, MaMkhize denied that she’s joining the show, however, Durban Gen spokesperson Nomfundo Zondi  confirmed the news.

"Businesswoman Shauwn Mkhize has ventured into acting as she has joined Durban Gen,” Zondi said.

"She got a cameo role just like what happened on Uzalo. She started shooting last month."

“There were clashes with her schedule as she is a busy woman. And she had to postpone her shootings but she comes when her schedule allows her to do so. The plan is for her to appear in October. She won’t stay long as her role is a cameo,” said the source.

In 2020, the entrepreneur slammed reports that’s she bought her Uzalo role. Speaking to TshisaLive following the backlash she received after landing her first ever acting gig on SABC 1's hit telenovela.

Tweeps accused of having zero talent and they reignited the conversation about opening up the industry.

“How many people have money but are not in the spaces I am?" Coming from a political family also did not really make her to be the person she is nor gain her the riches she has,” said the businesswoman.

She admitted that although she might have all the money she could ever want, money is not the centre of her universe as it cannot but her everything she needs. "At the end of the day I am human and I put effort in everything I do. It is not because there's money. But, you know, people will always want to attach money to everything I do, like everything is based on money." 

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