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Born and raised in Kwa-Zulu Natal, Shauwn Mkhize is one of the most enterprising famous faces that we have in Mzansi. The socialite, businesswoman, philanthropist, TV personality and entrepreneur has worked hard to achieve a name for herself in South Africa’s business and entertainment industries.

From a young age,Shauwn was a go getter and was determined to achieve greatnes, she raised by a single mother who was ANC veteran and anti-Apartheid activist and that is where she learned to be the woman she is today. Shauwn Mkhize net worth is nothing short of a testament to her drive and determination.

Picture source: @kwa_mammkhize Instagram

Mkhiz’s career began after she graduated with a Diploma in Accounting from DUT in 1996. She spent a few years working in the finance departments of different companies, but later decided to take the entrepreneurial route and went into business for herself.

Although it was not an easy journey, she started off working with small projects such as painting and construction work and feeding schemes from the local municipality. This eventually led to her opening her own construction company Zikhulise Group. 

Picture source: @kwa_mammkhize Instagram

As her business enterprise grew from strength to strength, Shauwn Mkhize’s net worth also continued to grow. Let's take a look at everything that has contributed to her healthy fat bank account. 

Shauwn Mhkize’s Net Worth

Over the years, the entrepreneur and socialite has continued to work hard to build her brand and her various businesses as well as spreading her wings into money making and entrepreneurial initiatives. Her efforts and hard work have paid off handsomely, and according to various online sources, Shauwn Mkhize's net worth is currently estimated to be about 300 million USD. 

Because of this figure, the philanthropist and media personality can comfortably be recognized as one of the richest people in the entertainment industry and in the country.

Picture source: @kwa_mammkhize Instagram

How Mkhize Makes Her Money

Shauwn is nothing short of a business mavin and in addition to her construction company construction company, she also has a transport company, Zikhulise Maintenance and Transport, and an auto recoveries company, Zikhulise Auto Recoveries and Inyanga Trading. On top of this, Shauwn is also the current sitting president of the Royal AM Football club.

These different business ventures definitely all add up and contribute to Shauwn Mkhize’s net worth and lavish lifestyle.

Picture source: @kwa_mammkhize Instagram

In 2020 Shauwn debuted her reality TV show Kwa Mam' Mkhize that premiered on Mzansi Magic and the following year in 2012, she made her acting debut on one of the countries biggest soapies, Uzalo.

Social Media
Also in 2020, the personality decided to open an Instagram account and in a space of 2 years she has grown her following to over 2 million followers. Her popularity led her to be nominated for the Socialite of the Year and FAG of the Year awards at the Feather Awards. She later won Woman of the Year and Best Reality TV Show at the Hollywood and African Prestigious Awards.

Picture source: @kwa_mammkhize Instagram

You know what all those awards and nominations mean right? More money in the bank for Mkhize. 

She is regarded as one of the most influential people in South Africa and an inspiration to women for her role in breaking down barriers for women in the South African corporate environment. Shauwn Mkhize’s net worth speaks to her hard work ethic.

Picture source: @kwa_mammkhize Instagram

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