Bushiri Could Have Been Aided By South African Government

Government could have played a role

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Catch him if you can, the great escape that was pulled off by Shepard Bushiri is one of the biggest escapes in the Southern African region recently, with yet a clear explanation as to how he managed to evade South African authorities and intelligence agencies, one thing is for certain. He is not coming back.

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Despite the Department of Home Affairs ruling out the possibility of His Excellency, President Chakwere of Malawi having smuggled Bushiri out of the country after his State visit, speculations are still rife that the couple may have been aided by South African authorities in cahoots the Malawian President. The newly elected President, Lazarus Chakwere flew into South Africa for a State visit with South African President, Cyril Ramaphosa but things took a bad turn and turned into a Diplomatic headache because HE Chakwere's plane was denied departure and only allowed to depart behind schedule because South African authorities demanded to search his plane for Shepard Bushiri and his wife.

The pastor and his wife are still facing criminal charges after it was alleged that the two were involved in money laundering and fraud. For weeks, Pastor Bushiri’s congregation held vigils and stood outside the court as their “Papa” was allegedly being targeted by the State. The weekend before last, South Africans were left dumbfounded when news of Pastor Bushiri and his wife were reported to have fled the rule of law by flying back to Malawi.

Shepard Bushiri knew all too well that his freedom was at stake, so the good Shepard conveniently disappeared after receiving bail of R200 000.00 and left his devoted congregants shocked and father-less. Despite his congregation showing him full support since his apprehension, by holding vigils and prayer sessions outside court, the Shepard Bushiri shocked everyone by fleeing the country.

Minister of Home Affairs, Dr Aaron Motsoaledi, has reiterated that the Departments of security and justice including their respective ministers must provide further explanations, it also wants to see video footage of the Malawian President’s departure from Waterkloof Airbase. The South African Department of Home Affairs is yet to establish how the flamboyant pastor Shepherd Bushiri and his wife Mary skipped the country but the Department is adamant they didn't hitch a ride with Malawian President, Lazarus Chakwera.

A local magistrate who was handling the couples arrest deemed the arrest illegal and set them free. The couple isn't planning on going back to South Africa and have also forfeited their bail money and R5.5 million mansion to the South African government. As we speak, the Bushiri's are free and maintain their innocence.

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