Six Months, And The 'Sho' Goes On

The family has pushed on remarkably

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It has now been six months since Shona Ferguson died, and nothing has been the same without him. But his fans, friends and loved ones strive everyday to keep going, in the hopes of making him proud. 
His partner in everything and the love of his life, Connie Ferguson, went on Instagram to celebrate him with a heartwarming post. She spoke fondly of how his spirit lives on through her and the girls, and the fact that he is still a part of their daily lives six months on. 

She expressed her undying love for him, and eternal gratitude for those who have stood with them so far, and continue to comfort and strengthen them. 

The two Ferguson girls also took to Instagram to celebrate their departed father. Lesedi Matsunyane, accompanying a picture of Sho relaxing on a seat, simply wrote “I miss you everyday. 6 months…” 

Alicia, on the other hand, shared a photo of a sweet moment between her and her dad, almost like he was comforting her as she snuggled into him. She only captioned it “♥️🕊”, but that was enough for us all to understand the pain and nostalgia behind the emojis. 

It has undoubtedly  been six of the most difficult months of their lives. But the three ladies have shown immeasurable grace in handling the crushing loss. They have mostly resumed their normal lives, though “normal” may be an overstatement because how “normal” could it ever be without Uncle Sho?

By their own admission, the ladies have all grown and changed drastically because of the loss. Lesedi recently celebrated her birthday, saying that she was definitely not the same person she was a year before. Although “2021 threw hands. MAJOR hands”, she is grateful for the woman she has blossomed into, and hopes for many more years of growth and learning. 
Connie recently left fans concerned after she posted about having lost her sense of smell. Naturally, the fans panicked, as this is one of the main symptoms of Covid-19. Shona died from complications due to the virus, so it makes sense that everyone held their breath for her. But she is the picture of good health, as she keeps fit all the time, and it seems like she has since recovered. 
Alicia, the baby of the family, is no longer a baby. She has already stepped up to join the family legacy, and recently landed a major gig to be a brand ambassador for the Chipper Cash App. 
We are glad to see that they are all handling it the best way they can, and that they are getting love and support from everyone around them. 

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