The Fergusons Dethroned?

The Sentos are here to stay!

By  | Apr 26, 2021, 03:37 PM  | Shona Ferguson  | Top of The

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Shona and Connie Ferguson has always been seen as Botswana's biggest power coulple but that is starting to change as musician Vee Mampeezy and his wife Kagiso Sento are out here, killing it. 

Vee Mampeezy who just bagged a million rand deal is balling like there is no tomorrow! Have you seen his mansion?? If you thought that was expensive enough, check out his impressive fleet of cars. 

However the Fergusons are not giving up without a fight. Shona Ferguson has enjoyed a lot of success during his time in the entertainment industry, having come from nothing to where he is today is a big feat to accomplish.

 In a recent post, the trailblazing TV producer rewarded himself with a custom-made diamond chain, made by his trusted jeweller. He thanked his jeweller in an appreciation post while blasting trap music in the background like the real OG that he is.

"Appreciation post for my jeweler @axeldiamond_ . You always come through with every custom piece you’ve made for me. Bless you and keep rising."

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