Actress Siphesihle Ndaba On Her Biggest Moment Of Luck

Fresh out of school she landed herself the biggest acting gig on her life

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Actress Siphesihle Ndaba reveals one of her biggest moment of luck when she landed the biggest acting gig on television. The Gomora actress was fresh out of school but today she thanks her fighting and resilient spirits on the day of the audition.

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She has met the international sensation and media mogul Oprah Winfrey and currently she stars in one of the most watch and loved series, Gomora. Siphesihle Ndaba has portrayed the role of MaZet for a little over three years now and she is still going strong at it.

However, even securing that acting gig was not a walk in the park. Ndaba relays how she met her breakthrough when she least expected it with Gomora. When another tweep randomly asked people of their breakthroughs and biggest moments of luck.

"What has been your biggest or best or favourite moment of luck? A moment that you just know changed the trajectory of your life." wrote Shezi
Ndaba relays how Fresh out of college she managed to stand out for the role of MaZet. Siphesihle Ndaba only had resilient, luck and talent when she went for the audition to play MaZet on Gomora.

"I saw an open audition advertised on instagram. I had just graduated so I thought meh  let me go check this out, I have nothing better to do with my day. I get to the audition venue, I look around and I see some really talented people who are already in the industry" wrote Sipheishle Ndaba
Ndaba mentions how she even turned away from the audition room soon after she saw the number of competition that she was going up against. With only her degree and talent, she convinced herself to stay and hope for the best.

"So I turned around… again and went back inside. I remember filling out a form and they had a section for “film/tv experience” I freaked out some more cause I had only done theatre productions. I left it blank injalo, went in and waited for my turn…" wrote Sishesihle Ndaba

Evidently, when it is your turn it is definitely you turn. and that is the same wave Siphesihle Ndaba was riding on the audition day. Her resilient and talent kept her and later on, she stars in the biggest TV show and famous as they come.

"Fast forward a couple months later, after 4 callbacks I get the role  and I am cast as a LEAD ON THE MOST WATCHED SHOW ON DSTV!  Moral of the story: DO NOT LET IMPOSTER SYNDROME CHEAT YOU OUT OF YOUR DESTINY!" wrote Siphesihle Ndaba
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