A look back at Psyfo & Hulisani's past relationship

A look at what used to be one of our most adored couple.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:45 PM  | Sipho "Psyfo" Ngwenya  | Top of The

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Over the weekend we had reported about Psyfo and the mystery lady he's been posting about lately.

Upon reading about Psyfo and his new mystery lady, many of you were quite shook that Psyfo and Hulisani were no longer a couple. To be honest, we were too, after all, these two had been dating for as long as we can remember.


But then again, we all know that not all good things last forever and that is absolutely ok.

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If there's one thing we loved about the exes is the great mutual respect they have for each other. In a 2016 interview, Hulisani spoke fondly about how much of a great teacher and supporter Psyfo was when it came to his support towards anything she did.

"He's taught me to believe in myself even when I get the "no" and to always go after what I want no matter how crazy I think it may sound. I'm really grateful to have a partner who not only supports me but who also isn't afraid to constructively criticize my work or ideas honestly. That's important for me. It's sometimes a bitter pill for me to swallow but I know he does it to build me and not crush me."


You could actually forgive people for thinking that marriage between the two was the next step as they were known to frequent weddings and many family/friend events together. But of course, there was no pressure for the two to get married.


What we also appreciated about the former couple is how low-key they tried to keep their relationship even after so many years of dating. It sure wasn't easy but they did try. Even when they did eventually break up it was quite private, as it should. 


The two are doing well in their respective careers. Hulisani recently graduated with a BA Degree in Motion Picture Medium from AFDA and is a Capricorn FM radio personality whilst Psyfo currently works at DStv.

Deep down we secretly wish they could just get back together again.

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