Sithelo Shozi Threatens Violence

she is fed up with the false rumors of being a deadbeat daughter

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Following yesterday's claims that DJ Sithelo Shozi has abandoned her mother in a wrecked and dilapidated house. She quickly took to social media to rubbish those claims.

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It wasn't until another tweep retweeted about Sithelo Shozi while raising the claims that she is a slay queen that is neglecting her own mother. Sithelo Shozi was not having any more of the false rumors making rounds on social media. As she proceeded by threatening violence to the tweep who put up the claims as posed as Musa Khawula.

"Sithelo accused of slaying while neglecting her mom" wrote Musa Khawula
Evidently, Shozi must have had enough of the trolls throwing dirty in her eyes with false rumors about her and her mother. As she went on to threaten violence, to the Twitter account posing as Musa Khawula. Known for her clap-backs and subtle shade, Shozi did not mince her words to let the tweep know what time it was.

"wena ke ngizok’khahlela" wrote Sithelo Shozi
Taking to Twitter, another tweep has posted Sithelo Shozi's pictures with the wrecked and abandoned house while claiming that is where Sithelo Shozi's mother lives. Najash Abadir continued to claim that Sithelo Shozi's mother is allegedly renting a two room  while her daughter is living lavishly in the city.

"Africa's richest slayqueen Sithelo Shozi has been accused of neglecting her own mother.The mother is now renting a 2 roomed in a rural area.This is a sad story of how much her mother is suffering whist her daughter is living best life." wrote Najash Abadir
When one tweep claimed that the reason why Shozi is unable to fix her alleged mother's house, it is because she is uneducated. Shozi quickly clapped back to let the tweep know of her tertiary education and qualifications. 

"But its always the case most slay queens cant fix their backround,only ladies with qualifications can do that" wrote Ozzella
The joke was on that tweep because Sithelo Shozi is a graduate from the University of KwaZulu-Natal and she did not waste any of her time to let the troll know that she has more than one qualification.

"do you know how many qualifications I have?" wrote Sithelo Shozi
Other tweeps and Shozi's fans had to join in the conversation to back Shozi's education.

"Sithelo is a UKZN graduate sis" wrote I Am Sineh
"Sithelo is educated. Hlala phansi" wrote Simangele Zulu
One thing Sithelo Shozi will do is to fight trolls all day, everyday and that her earned her the queen of shade and clap-backs.

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