Amanda Du-Pont Hospitalised In Turkey

May she get well soon

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Amanda Du Pont
Amanda du Pont has been through a lot recently, but we love to see that she has been getting back on her feet. And now, as she is hospitalised after a surgery, prayers are up for her quick recovery. 

The actress has not been in the country for a while. Of late, she has been spending a lot of time in Turkey, and it seems to be going well for her, if her social media presence is anything to go by. 

But she recently shared on Instagram that she had been hospitalised following a surgery. Luckily, it is nothing alarming, and she seems to be in great health. She recently had some breast augmentation surgery. As she wrote, all the exercise and training she has been doing has caused her to lose a lot of fat tissue and gain muscle. One of the outcomes is that she lost some breast tissue, which made her feel insecure. So she chose to get surgery to increase her breast size. 

She has promised to unveil the new babies as soon as she is healed and they are “ready” for unveiling. She also seems intent on being open about the process, and has invited people who have questions about the process to simply ask her, and she will answer to the best of her knowledge and ability. 

The actress recently went through some public drama with rapper Jub Jub and his mother Jacqueline “Mama Jackie” Maarohanye. After Amanda came out and alleged that the rapper had raped her repeatedly throughout their two year relationship, been physically and emotionally abusive, and even tried to kill her once, following an interview on Podcast and Chill with MacG, the cards started to fall. 

Investigations have reportedly been opened into the claims since then. Jub Jub said he would be stepping aside to let the law take its course, and not much has been heard from him since then. Mama Jackie, on the other hand, moved to court to demand that Amanda be compelled to delete her post on the matter, to withdraw her accusation, and to apologise to her and her son. 

As of about a month ago, the judge had thrown out Mama Jackie’s application, saying that Amanda and Masechaba Khumalo (who also accused Jub Jub of rape) would be compelled to no such thing, as it would be tantamount to a gagging order. Further details on the case progress are yet to emerge, but we will be on them as soon as they do. 
We wish a quick recovery to Amanda. 

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