Sithelo Shozi's Sister Ze Shozi Subs Her Ex-Husband In A Tweet

She is really grateful for letting him go from her life!

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Ze Shozi who is just as spicy and shady on social media as her better half sister Sithelo Shozi is done playing victim. As she takes to social media to name and shame her husband as she celebrate new achievements in her life post divorce.

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Recently, Ze Shozi tagged team with her sister Sithelo Shozi while in an on-going battles of words with Sbahle Mpisane on Twitter. Ze Shozi came for the jugular as she called out Sbahle Mpisane who played dirty on a Twitter Space with Musa Khawula in order to bring down Sithelo Shozi. In a cryptic tweet, Ze Shozi wished disability on Sbahle Mpisane for speaking ill n her sister and niece, Coco.

While celebrating her new job that she just bagged, Ze Shozi took to Twitter to name and shame her ex-husband whom she referred to as being a stumbling block in her life.

"moving to a new city, starting my dream job, financially free, & all in 1 month. moral of the story, identify that block in your life & cut him off sis" wrote Zee Shozi
Earlier on Ze Shozi took to Twitter in another cryptic tweet where she shared about finding out that her partner (husband) had an entire life outside of their marriage. After sharing those details around her marriage, she was trolled on Twitter and called out with so many except for not hers.

"Finding out your partner has an entire life outside of your marriage will never not surprise me" wrote Ze Shozi
Ze Shozi went as far as throwing a divorce party to celebrate being single yet again. Taking to Instagram she shared a picture with a cake with 'divorce af' on it, to let her fans and followers know that she has since left her husband who was allegedly cheating on her.
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Some tweeps were certainly not sympathetic with Ze Shozi once they heard the news about her divorce. Taking to social media to remind her of her past dealings, reckless tweets, character and virtue on other people business, that came all back to bite her in her behind.

"OMG I just remembered that Miss Shozi blocked me bc I was laughing at Mamkhize's ugly dress. She said we don't understand fashion bc we are poor" wrote Nampree
"She said asina mali and we must continue shopping at Woolies" wrote Khanya Njikelana
We would like to wish Ze Shozi everything amazing that the future will bring her.

Read more: Sithelo Shozi's Sister Ze, Comes For Sbahle Mpisane In A Cryptic Tweet

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