Tweeps Wants Sizwe Dhlomo To Work With Dineo Ranaka So He Can Get Her Fired

This comes after the drama at Kaya FM for a manager was fired because of him

By  | Nov 27, 2022, 03:08 PM  | Sizwe Dhlomo  | Top of the

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Following the drama at Kaya 959 FM, where it is allegedly that the station has fired Sibongile Mtyali after she allegedly refused to fire sports presenter Mpho Maboi. Tweeps are since calling for Sizwe Dhlomo to work with Dineo Ranaka so he can 'get her fired'

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Kaya 959 FM is making headlines yet again over the disputes that has recently transpired inside the station. This time around, Sizwe Dhlomo is on everyone's lips as people have already labelled him as a common denominator, where people are always getting fired with him in the picture.

Meanwhile scores of people are calling out Sizwe Dhlomo for being a problematic individual at a work place. Some tweeps are yearning for Dhlomo to work with Kaya 959 Breakfast presenter, Dineo Ranaka.

"For Sizwe Dhlomo to work with Dineo Ranaka just 2 weeks" wrote Chris Excel
Tweeps clearly knows that the pairing between Dineo Ranaka and Sizwe Dhlomo could never stand a chance. However, the reason why they have inserting the suggestions, is subliminally to lambast Ranara, who in many cases have also being a dubbed a tough nut to crack in a work space.

"I give her 4 days tops" wrote Sthe Kayise Mashobane
"Sizwe won't stand that forever talking bipolar person" wrote Hashtag Sbonelo
This outrageous tweeps wishful thinking comes after Sizwe Dhlomo has been lambasted for getting Sibongile Mtyali fired at Kaya 959 FM. The Twitter streets are abuzz as Dhlomo has been dubbed a problem as a result for Mtyali getting booted. Tweeps were also reminded that radio and TV personality Unathi was also fired from the station for having differences with Dhlomo.

Hence the same reason why tweeps are calling for Dhlomo to work with Ranaka so he can allegedly get her fired. In the recent headlines, Ranaka was once called a 'bully' for talking over co-presenter, Sol Phenduka.

"We write to you as listeners of Kaya 959 to express our concerns as we have been frequently observing and listening to the unacceptable and toxic behaviour of Dineo Ranaka."

"Even if it's your first time listening to Dineo and Sol on the show, one can simply stipulate who's trying to outsmart or overpower the other one.

“All the time Sol speaks, he's been cut off. That’s very disrespectful and such toxic behaviour will not by any means be accepted on this immaculate platform that Sol is adding major value on,” read the letter

Following the public's outcry, the station had to issue a release, explaining the working relationship between Ranaka and Sol Phenduka.

"The structure of 959 Breakfast is that Dineo Ranaka is the main anchor and Sol Phenduka is the co-host and traffic reporter," Kaya 959 then MD Sibondile Mtyali said in a press statement.

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