Sizwe Dhlomo On Kaya’s Mpho Maboi And Sibongile Drama

But the question is whether Sizwe is a snitch or not?

By  | Nov 27, 2022, 11:37 AM  | Sizwe Dhlomo  | Drama

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Another month, another disparaging headline about the happenings at Kaya 959. Just as the station was getting over the contention over the speculated drama on Kaya 959 Breakfast with Dineo and Sol as it was believed that Dineo Ranaka was “bullying” Sol Phenduka. The radio station is back making headlines, this time featuring returnee Sizwe Dhlomo.

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Dhlomo is no stranger to making headlines about his working relationship with colleagues at the station. This is as he is believed to have been the reason for Unathi Nkayi’s exit from the station last year. This comes after Nkayi had initially alleged that Dhlomo was antagonistic towards her. A fact which came to bite her in the long run as Dhlomo would clapback with receipts which painted Nkayi as the actual aggressor in their situation. 
Similarly, following reports of the dismissal of Kaya 959’s station manager Sibongile Mtyali. Dhlomo has found himself in the centre of the current drama as it is suggested that Mtyali was fired over her handling of the disagreement between himself and sports commentator and host Mpho Maboi. 
Sizwe Dhlomo on Kaya’s Mpho Maboi and Sibongile drama
In light of the reports confirming the dismissal of Sibongile Mtyali and the legal action she is believed to be taking to have her dismissal reserved. The news articles had suggested that she was fired over her handling of the disagreement between two on-air radio personalities. 
Not one to shy away from issues, Sizwe Dhlomo took to Twitter to address the matter head on with a detailed thread about what exactly happened between himself and Mpho Maboi. Detailing his issues with Maboi’s tardiness. Dhlomo started the thread by explaining that: 
“Okay, let’s correct some inaccuracies… We had a great sports person in Sandile Van Heerden. Amazing guy who always pitched in with the rest of the team we had built to contribute to the rest of the show & station.”
Maboi, despite Dhlomo’s quick hand seems to not only be late at work. But the sports personality is also late when it comes to defending herself. This is as she has yet to put out her side of the story, which took Dhlomo all but minutes after the story broke. 
Is Sizwe a snitch? 
Considering that this is not Sizwe Dhlomo’s first rodeo in drama which results in the dismissal of someone at the end of it all. Besides sipping on the hot tea about Sibongile Mtyali’s dismissal, tweeps are more concerned about whether or not Dhlomo is a snitch. 
This is as it is believed that it was Dhlomo who reported Mtyali to her higher ups, possibly suggesting that she had not taken his concerns seriously. More so considering that Dhlomo in the past has affirmed that he did not need to apply for the job as he was headhunted by Kaya 959 through the assistance of what was his former friend, Unathi Nkayi. As such, tweeps cannot help but wonder whether or not Dhlomo is a snitch ready to get those he does not get along with fired…

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