Skeem Saam: Rachel Kunutu is that IT girl

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Since Skeem Saam character Rachel Kunutu found herself a financial sponsor, she has not only spun out of control with all her lavish expenditures, but has also managed to win herself a great following on social media.

Although her family disapproves of her current relationship with her sugar daddy, Rachel is clearly unbothered as she’s living her best life to date.

A string of hilarious Rachel Kunutu memes have been making the rounds on social media this past festive season. This is an indication that Rachel is probably one of the main reasons people were watching Skeem Saam for the past couple of months. 

Rachel has caused so much anger and laughter amongst Skeem Saam's viewers that some have even petitioned for Rachel, played by actress Lesego Marakalla, to win a SAFTA in 2016.

However, some viewers feel that the Rachel character isn't necessarily teaching the youth about morals and respecting your parents.

But on a positive note, some viewers have learned something from Rachel's shenanigans.

What's your take on the Rachel's character? Is she teaching Skeem Saam's viewers a thing or two about life or is she encouraging the idea of young girls dating sugar daddies?

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