Wait A Minute - Is Somizi Just Dribbling Us For The Bag??

One can never know!

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Somizi and his husband Mohale have been trending for weeks now over their alleged impending divorce.

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If the divorce is really on the table, Mohale stands to get more than a few coins from his rich husband. Somizi is enjoying success with his best selling cook book, his Idols gig, DSTV endorsement, Bathu partnership and his controversial cooking show among others.

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He also has two mansions, a huge collection of luxury vehicles, a designer wadrobe, jewellery, art work and antique furniture which all add up to his alleged R75 million networth.

So Mohale could become a millionaire after all of this is done.

Divorce rumours aside, there is more to the story. We would never want to make light of anyone's marriage woes, we are however a bit suspicious of how this 'divorce' talk is going.

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Although Mohale has stopping wearing his wedding ring and Somizi is going on vacations with his Bestie, they have yet to release a statement to confirm or deny the news. 

For one, they just had a magazine cover where they were both gushing over each other and talking about having a baby.That doesn't sound like a couple headed for divorce.

Or maybe the rumours are a way to make people forget about the Hastings case, over the 'stolen' Dinner At Somizi's show. 


In all that chaos Somizi released a book, a shoe line and a song with his bestie Vusi Nova. Vusi himself has also taken advantage of the rumours by releasing his own album.


Mohale is working tirelessly to cement his celeb status. He recently reached 1 million followers on Instagram and the endorsements are coming in think and fast.

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Our fave ZAlebs have been quite aware of the power of PR stunts which sometimes do work to their advantage.

Remember when Priddy Ugly and Bontle Modisele made the rest of Mzansi believe that they were engaged, only to find out that it was a publicity stunt for La Sauce's single, I Do?
Gigi Lamayne took the same route when she hinted that she's engaged, only to find out a few days later that she was gearing up to release for video for her single, Lobola.
in other News, reports have surfaced claiming that Mohale has since moved out of the Dainfern home the two shared and has served Somizi with Divorce papers.

The lovebirds have had a rough public marriage as the public is constantly dragging their marriage. Mohale is often accused of getting married to Somizi due to his wealth and some have accused him of lacking affection towards Somgaga.

They have admitted that the first year of marriage is not easy. "In the beginning when people would share their thoughts about what I do, where I go it used to bother me. But then I said wait... I can't be angry at people who don't know me, or anything about me. People expect me to not do anything simply because I am married to a famous person. I can't blame myself for getting married to Somizi. That must not mean I shouldn't pursue any opportunities simply because people are going to say that Somizi got them for me," proclaimed Mohale.

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