Tbo Touch Exposed For An Alleged 'Fraud'

Another businessman spills all the beans on unpaid invoices owed by the radio DJ

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Metro FM's Tbo Touch finds himself in the middle of the storm yet again as another business owner accuses him for non-payments. Marketing Analyst by the name of Peace is lambasting Tbo Touch for dodging payments even after numerous communications with him.

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Reportedly, Peace did some business with Tbo Touch a eight weeks ago for The Replenishment Concert that Tbo Touch hosted. Peace provided his company services as the marketing and advertising persons to Tbo Touch's event.

According to Peace, in August he was paid for his services but only 50% and upon following up for the non-payments of his services, Peace kept hitting a brick wall with Tbo Touch and his team at every turn.

"I need to understand how do you @iamtbotouch as a black brother expect my company to grow and have the potential of being as big as yours if I have to beg you and your stuff to pay me?? Its been 8weeks since #TheReplenishmentConcert happened" wrote Peace
Peace continues to mention that after he provided his services to Tbo Touch's event, communications fell into the cracks. Both Tbo Touch and all the persons of communications commenced to ignore all his communications, including messages, calls and emails.

"I did the job because I thought everyone was busy. I have worked in so many productions. I know how crazy it gets. TouchHD paid a huge amount of deposit and now I see that the communication is getting worse and worse" wrote Peace
Following numerous communications attempts with Tshiamo, another communication person from Tbo Touch's team. To his surprise, Peace was met with another stumbling block after learning that Tshiamo, the initial communications person has resigned from his job.

"Now imagine how shocked I was when I needed assistance from Tshiamo on the 12th October 2022. He tells me that he had resigned. As unprofessional as it is. There was no hand over for me or any sort of communication. He just forwards me Robyns number. 10days before the show" wrote Peace
Peace also reveals that he has attempted to communicate with Tbo Touch himself and his team at various platforms, including emails and social media DM's but to no avail. Even Tbo Touch himself has since ignored his messages on DM's

"Today its December the 7th and there is no communication for anyone of the people. I sent yet another email to Rose on Monday and there was no response. I did send you a Dm @iamtbotouch and you did not reply" wrote Peace
Following these revelations, Tbo Touch have not addressed all the accusations, either on social media or releasing a statement.

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