Tbo Touch Threatens Blogger With Lawsuit

Musa Khawula made some serious allegations against him

By  | Jun 23, 2022, 01:53 PM  | Tbo Touch  | Drama

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Musa Khawula made some rather serious allegations against Tbo Touch regarding his sting as Soweto TV CEO. The controversial blogger accused Tbo Touch of exploiting his workers and making them work under unfavorable work conditions, resulting in Soweto TV being destroyed.

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The controversial blogger who has gained more than 200K followers for his punchy and defamatory headlines, made several allegations against Tbo Touch and the way he ran the TV station.

“Tbo Touch is accused of paying himself 3 times – as a CEO, as a Director of a sales company MVM & paying his company Touch HD with Soweto TV’s funds but his company does not render any services at the station,” tweeted Musa.

“Under Tbo Touch’s management, the staff is expected to work without internet access. They haven’t been receiving pay slips since the beginning [of] 2022. The drivers have been struggling to pour fuel at the garage in Pimville & have been turned back several times due to non-payment,” he further alleged.

Now, it seems as though Tbo Touch threatened the blogger with lawyers and he acknowledged that but is unfazed over this. He sent a cheeky message on Twitter saying instead of threatening him with lawyers, he should focus on dealing with a number of alleged sexual misconduct cases against an employee named Brian Mokoena.

“First things first, before wanting to threaten me with lawyers I think you should address the grievances by the employees at Soweto TV under your management and the sexual misconduct cases against Brian Mokoena,” he said while sharing the letters on the public platform.

Sunday World confirmed that Tbo Touch sent the letter and in it, his lawyers accuse Musa of tweeting for his own personal benefit, and no thorough research is conducted.

“You made the statements for your personal benefit to boost your social media popularity and relevance without making any attempt to verify any facts concerning the matters that you have published on your Twitter account,” the letter reads as reported by the publication.

Tbo Touch wants Musa to send out “an unconditional public apology on before or on before 16:00 on Thursday." He is also required to "refrain from making any defamatory statements about our client.”

Here is the entire thread by Musa Khawula:
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