Tbo Touch: I didn't come here to be famous

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While some celebrities love it when magazines put them on their covers, Tbo Touch is not about that life. The Metro FM DJ made this very clear on his afternoon radio show on Monday. 

The proud father of two revealed that a certain magazine called to try and work things out with him. They told him: "We wrote all the bad things about you, we labelled you everything."

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However, Touch is no longer there. "I'm like 'I even forgot about that stuff'. You know when you're just blessed to a point that you even forgot what people... I was not even aware that you're trying to... it wasn't even defamatory for me because I'm on to the next..."

He explained that the conversation with the mag went like this: "let's make up and do some work with you this year". 

However, Touch is having none of that. "Let me be honest, I'm gonna keep it 100% with you, I didn't come in this industry to be famous, I didn't sign up to this job to be famous. I know a lot of famous people that don't even cash in like I do. I didn't come in here to be famous, I'm gonna make that one clear."

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He said fame does nothing for you if you don't have the character to handle your business: "It [the conversation] ended up saying 'let's rather let bygones be bygones'. But I'm not in a position to rekindle any relationship because that's never the point of me being what I do." 

You know how some celebs would do anything to get publicity? Well, Tbo is not one of them.

"I don't need a cover, I don't need a story, I don't need any publication. What I do speaks for itself and it will produce the right fruits in its own time. I'm not the kinda celebrity that's gonna call a celebrity and say 'I've got a story for you, I just bought a new house, come look at my house, post my kids on the cover'. I don't do that stuff. That's not me..."  

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