Thembsie Matu develops her own acting agency

Rockville's Sis Ribs builds her community, one student at a time.

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Thembsie Matu

Whilst some celebrities indulge in their own self-glory, actors like ThembsieĀ Matu focus on uplifting the community.

Whenever we think of actress, Thembsie Matu, we can't help but smile, but that smile quickly turns into laughter as we think of the many times she's made us laugh whenever she appears on screen.

However, ThembsieĀ is not only about fun and games but also believes in getting her hands dirty and putting in the hard work to uplift not only herself but others too.

One of the ways she's helped in uplifting her own community is by developing an acting agency.

Thembsie Matu

Speaking to Move! Magazine Thembsie revealed that she has developed her own acting institution to give the youth in her community a head start in their dream to become actors.

"I have my own acting agency and training school for up and coming actors. The school is called Thembsie Matu Dramatic Arts School and some of my actors feature as extras on Rockville and The Queen." She told the publication.

Thembsie also helps buy school uniforms for financially disadvantaged children in her community.

"I help children who cannot afford school uniforms. I know it is tough to go through school without the proper uniform. I remember going through school with a second-hand uniform. I urge those who have the means to help a child get a new uniform to do so." Said Thembsie.

Shout out to Thembsie for the great work she does in her community, such a selfless person. If she's not entertaining us on television she's moulding the next generation of actors to entertain us.

Do you guys remember her from this hilarious Doom advert shot a couple of years ago?

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