Thulane Nkululeko Shange Biography: Upcoming Star That Is Shaking The Entertainment Industry

The future looks bright for this young man.

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Thulane Nkululeko Shange is one of Mzansi's up-and-coming performers who has captivated audiences with his on-screen presence.

Despite the fact that Thulane has only been in the industry for a short time, he has demonstrated since his debut on our television screens that acting is unquestionably his calling.

He aspired to be an actor since he was a child, and while he did not have it easy in life, his dedication paid off.

Thulane Shange Fired From Uzalo

There can never be fire if there is no smoke, yet it appears that the smoke has been spotted this time.

Actors from the Uzalo community, particularly Dawn Thandeka King and Siyabonga Shibe, were said to be on the verge of leaving the program due to inadequate pay.

Although the two denied that they were departing, it has been reported that Thulane Shange and Sizwe Khumbuza were shown the door.

According to reports, the actors left the show and have not shot in a long time, but they will return for a few more episodes.

The performers allegedly did not see eye to eye with the Uzalo team and were no longer in their good graces.

Thulane Shange Age

He is a man who is very private about his personal life, hence his precise date of birth is unknown to the general world.

Thulane Shange Early Life

He was born in Pretoria and then moved to KZN. He said this during an interview with ZAlebs:

“I was born in Pretoria but later on left the city, we had a few family struggles so I then had to go live in KZN for a while, basically I’ve been everywhere but after a while I then returned to Pretoria.”

Thulane also claimed that his family didn't understand why he wanted to be an actor at first and felt he just wanted to fool about rather than study.

“Of course, when I began studying acting, it wasn’t easy, because the money that you have to pay for the course wasn’t easy as well. My family didn’t give me the money easily because they thought ‘No man you just want to be a clown, uyaphapha Thulane. There’s other things to do out there.’ But now, when they see me on TV then they start easing up on me, but basically it wasn’t easy at first for them.”

Thulane once admitted that he had a ‘not so great’ relationship with his father who did not play a role in his life at all. In an interview with TshisaLIVE Thulane said "he was never really around."

Thulani Shange Career

When we first saw Thulane on iSthunzi, we said to ourselves, "Hmm...this young man is such a breath of fresh air, and he also has wonderful potential."

Thulane claims he understood what he wanted to achieve with his acting career after he finished matric.

“I kind of knew what I want to do but I wasn’t too sure, after matric I couldn’t find a school (varsity) so I thought to myself what was I going to do? Then I went to the State Theatre to learn acting and from there on that’s when I definitely knew that I wanted to be an actor. Acting was something that was planted in me, then it grew, from then on I started to love it more.”

Thulane made his acting debut on Isthunzi, and since then, he has not disappointed Mzansi audiences. That's what he clings to in order to stay in the business.

Thulane played the character Lwazi in the series Isthunzi, which aired in 2016.

Thulane also starred in the Mzansi Magic drama iNumber Number, which aired in 2017. He portrayed Tony, a man who was inspired by his father, a gangster, who believed that this was the only way for a man to acquire respect in society.

He also had a role in the drama series Ifalakhe, in which he played a witch doctor.

He was featured in Ikani in 2018. Thulane also starred in Mzansi Magic's show iKhaya in the same year. The drama dealt with secrets, truth vs lies, and the lengths to which one will go in the name of love for one's family. iKhaya followed the narrative of a man whose life was about to be turned upside down as a secret he had kept hidden was about to be revealed.

iKhaya, a film produced by UrbanBrew, is set in Daveyton and the remote Limpopo town of Ga-Modjadji, where a complex web of deception begins to unravel.

“As Mzansi Magic, we want to tell stories that are authentic and challenge our viewers while creating meaningful conversations. We believe iKhaya is a compelling and captivating story that the audiences will appreciate”  said, Director of Local Entertainment Channels at M-Net, Reneilwe Sema, in a statement.

Thulane's journey to achievement did not end there. Thulane debuted as Mmalambo's long-lost son in the hit series Uzalo in March 2020.

"My character comes across as a polite, respectful and trustworthy person. He never raises his voice when he speaks, not even when he is angry. He is a dangerous man who victimises everyone. MaNgcobo (Dawn Thandeka King) is one of his many victims." he said.

Aside from iSthunzi, Thulane is also a budding theatre performer who recently had the opportunity to perform in the play Ukukhanya.

Thulane Shange Nomination

Thulane Shange's acting talent caught everyone's attention when he went for his first audition, and he's since participated in a number of productions across the country.

He's also gotten the acclaim he deserves, and there's no doubt that more is on the way.

At the South African Film and Television Awards in 2019, he won Best Supporting Actor for the TV Drama Isthunzi.

Thulane Shange Phialnthropy

Thulane is a member of the Nokhukhanya theatre company, which visits schools to teach students about social issues.

They want the children to be able to approach life positively, so they teach them how to deal with issues that directly and indirectly influence them.

HIs acting career appears to be bright, and fans are eager to see what his next project will be.

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