Thuli Phongolo Slams Taxi Violence

"It’s been carrying on for years now!"

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DJ and actress Thuli Phongolo has recently been very vocal about challenges faced by our country.

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She previously made it clear that she does not have any desire to have “the good girl, keep your mouth shut” image.

She added: "I stand for what’s right with reason. What’s happening in our country is heartbreaking and extremely detrimental to our livelihoods. It must be put to stop with immediate effect!"

Taking to Twitter today to talk about taxi violence, Thuli said the association needs a serious intervention.

She slammed the taxi industry saying that people can not keep dying so casually

She tweeted: "The taxi associates need an independent mediator that determines the strategy of rotating routes accordingly, yearly or twice a year so it’s fair. People can’t be losing their lives so causally based on such disagreements! It’s been carrying on FOR YEARS now!"

Other Twitter users also took to the comments section to share their views, Sibusiso Kubheka wrote: "It ain’t that simple, read the Report of the Commission of Inquiry into the Minibus Taxi-Type Service Violence Fatalities and Instability in the Gauteng Province. It involves many stakeholders, not just the taxi operators."

@letukavich blames the government, he responded: "Taxi Violence has been made a norm by our Government. They let them live however they want. It's been years & I swear there are many ways to end it. But not until someone serious steps into those ministerial positions."

A few days ago, Thuli slammed the Zumas alleging that they are inciting violence and damaging people's belongings.

She tweeted: "The Zumas are out of hand, hayi ngeke bo! Encouraging violence and damaging people’s belongings and property is uncalled for, I don’t care who says what! I will not fold my tweet. My opinion won’t change. I’m not offended by insults. I stand by my word. That’s all"

Thuli's tweet rubbed some Twitter users the wrong way, here are few reactions.

@DinnyM007 said, "Ay sisi don't be a blondy...That violence is exactly what your government wanted being unfair to uBaba is what caused this chaos, n luckily it works in your government's favour because while we concentrate on the chaos they will be finalising a deal selling another SOE "
@FarmUniq: "We don't tolerate violence or anything of such. However, it's very childish of u to expect Dudu to not ventilate her anger and frustration when his 79-year-old dad is arrested in the most questionable manner. In all this, u only see her tweets, not her pain? Is it u or money tweeting?"

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