Thuli Phongolo opens up about deejaying and her next acting role

Thuli has a lot more coming for her in 2018.

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Thuli phongolo opens up about

The actress has a lot in store for her in 2018 after recently revealing that she has a new acting role, upon her departure from Generations, and her new sought-after dream of deejaying.

Speaking to Trending SA, Thuli clarified that she was not fired from Generations but rather left after renewing her contract with FootworkSA.

“I wasn’t fired it’s more about the storyline, even last year when my contract was renewed, I was thinking of going but I was a bit scared, you never know what you gonna do next. So for me when the story came out, I felt like I had a great time you know since I’ve started deejaying, things have been going well, I’m gonna have my mixes on one of the stations here at home." She said, referring to the SABC.

Following in the footsteps of Loot Love, Thuli still got the Footwork money secured, the actress says that she is still continuing with the brand as they have renewed her contract for the winter collection. 

“Footwork is one of the brands that I’ve been working with, my contract is renewed with them for the winter collection, so there is stuff coming up. There are also up and coming roles, people will see me in a different light, not as a kid anymore, and I hope that they like that and they can still relate to that character.”

Thuli Phongolo

Speaking of her found love for deejaying, Thuli added that she has been booked ever since her first gig, saying that she believes her deejaying career had chosen her.

“DJ Zoe, kind of got me into deejaying, I met her for lunch and she was kind of like: ‘if you really love music, you should do it’, she introduced me to a guy called Ryno and I literally had twelve lessons before my first gig and right after that, I was getting gigs before my second lesson and I was like: 

‘Ryno, no I can’t do it.’ because, people were booking me because:’ You’re Namhla on Generations...and from then onwards I’ve been working as a DJ, I’ve only been free five weekends last year, and it was my first chose me, I really do believe that it chose me…”

Thuli Phongolo

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