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An MTV Base VJ with the greatest of personality.

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When one thinks of Tshego Koke, there are a lot of positive things that can be said about the guy. Apart from his good looks, Tshego is an all round good guy who only wants to bring out the best in himself and others.

He is also quite the cool kid as he dawns the latest fashion in urban culture, and the trendiest kicks we've seen from a sneaker head.

ZAlebs had the opportunity to sit down with the MTV Base VJ and found out more about what he's all about.

Having won the MTV VJ title in 2017, we asked Tshego what has been his wildest moment as a VJ and this is what he had to say:

"My wildest moment as an MTV VJ was at Nasty C’s Ivyson Tour in Johannesburg. I just got to the tour and I was a bit late, I had a backstage pass because I was with MTV and some of the audience members saw me from backstage. As soon as they saw me they started screaming, like ready to jump type of screaming and it really shocked me. I wasn’t ready for that amount of love ever. I sent my love to them all. Such a blessing to speak to the streets like that."

As we've mentioned, Tshego loves wearing the latest in urban fashion. However, he appreciates comfort before fashion and wears clothes that not only make him look good, but also feel good.

Tshego spoke about his favourite items of clothing, and fashion items that need to be ditched in 2018.

"Let go of clothes that don’t make you feel comfortable. People often think I dress purely for style, nah. I dress for comfort. I can krump in most of my outfits. In terms of outfits, we need to ditch straight pants. Cut them up, colour them and sprinkle with some paint. Make it become your blank canvas. I like cutting my pants and I get the greatest sense of happiness when it works out. Sometimes they flop because I get too wild, but shh, don’t tell anyone!"

And, as much as he loves sneakers, we asked Tshego who, between himself and Scoop, has the best sneaker game. He admitted that O.G Scoop still holds that title hands down!

"I’ll have to give it to Scoop. He’s an O.G for real. I’ve always looked up to him regarding style and presenting, so a big shout out to Scoop for always doing the most. Scoop and I are dope, whenever we see each other we vibe, from the convos I’ve had with him I must say that I have learned a lot."


Tshego is also someone who takes his fitness very seriously and does regular fitness training sessions which have helped him in dealing with depression. Although he does not experience that debilitating type of depression, he has had moments when he slipped into that dark space, but managed to bounce back.

"I won’t say that I constantly suffer from depression but I have had moments in my life where I have been down and out and I slipped into depression. It’s very deep being in depression because we think of it as something that can easily be dealt with because it’s not physical but it can really damage a person if it is not dealt with properly. I listen to music a lot to deal with depression, that’s my other escape. I also keep positive people in my circle. It’s not to say that I would abandon a friend that’s depressed – no – I would fully help them. But keeping someone that brings you down in terms of mistreating you and emotionally abusing you can be the death of you. No joke."


  • What's that one unfortunate lesson he's learned about working in the  entertainment industry? Well, he had this to say: "Don’t have a big head. A lot of celebs don’t interact with their follows and I don’t understand why. I know they are very busy, but it often makes someone’s day when you thank them for the compliment or wish them a happy birthday!"

    The TV personality had a great 2018, and has a lot lined up for 2019. We asked him what his hopes and dreams are for this year, and let's just say positive vibes and fashion are the order of the day.

    "In 2019 I'd like to spread more positive energies. I will be spreading those in the form of T-Shirts I’m dropping called Boom Avenue and The Wave. I’m producing a limited range of T-shirts with my homie Kayflow and wow, they’re going to be great. I don’t want to just produce T-shirts that people like but items that make people feel good. The 26th of January 2019 is the beginning of a wave. One that will stay with us forever."

    Well, we sure can't wait to see all that Tshego has in store for us.

    Main Image Credit: Instagram/@TshegoKoke

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