[VIDEO] Watch Influencer Cyan Boujee On Her R50K Girlfriend Allowance

Tweeps are wondering who gets R50K a week

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Influencer and DJ Cyan Boujee has sparked quite a conversation on social media, following her interview of Podcast and Chill with MacG. Tweeps are shocked beyond belief to learn how much girlfriend allowance Cyan Boujee was getting from her ex boyfriend.

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MacG took to social media to share a snippet of what will be discussed on today's episode, where Cyan Boujee was on her girlfriend allowance. One of MacG co-cosh asked Cyan Boujee how much allowance was she getting from her previous boyfriend.

Co-host : So, how much was allowance? Just in case other guys want to know, what is the minimum entry"

Cyan Boujee : "Oh but this a real bag hey...

Co-Host : So, what was the allowance"

Cyan Boujee : This was a real real bag. It was, maybe 50 a week.

MacG : 50 thousand! Are you f*****g kidding me!?

Cyna Boujee : For sure!

MacG : So, this guy was giving you R50K a week?

Cyan Boujee : Phela life was like... almost around that amount. Yeah just for staying at home. I wasn't a DJ. I wasn't an influencer

"Welele 50k gents would you pay so much ? 3 pm join us on YouTube" wrote MacG
Cyan Boujee has gotten the Twitter streets talking following her outrageous R50K girlfriend allowance her ex boyfriend used to give her. Tweeps have since called her lying, profusely to the people of Mzansi. Tweeps are saying unless Cyan Boujee's boyfriend was into dodgy businesses, there is no way a person with a 9 to 5 job could have given her R50K a week.

"She's lying. Unless she is dating a drug dealer. A working person cannot afford to give a girlfriend 50,000 a week. Not even the president afford that in his salary" wrote Sipho Madyo
"Welele she made 2million in one year and the same person says she went broke a year after she dumped the nigga hawa guy's what she doing with all the money" wrote Saucedoubt
"She is lying, no one in his right mind can pay amout a week, for what?" wrote Sello Pitsi
"These IT girls are selling bro. There's no way a South African man can give a woman R50k a week . Definitely jollof sqard ...." wrote Tshepiso Mike
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