We found Yizo Yizo's Hazel & here's what she's been up to

Nomonde might have left Yizo Yizo after its first season but she's actually always been in the industry.

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Can you believe that it's been 13 years since Yizo Yizo last aired, time sure does fly. Yizo Yizo was one of South Africa's most popular series which aired from January 24th 1999 to July 24th 2004. The series not only left a lasting impact with SA viewers but it left us wanting more and has since defined how series are made today.

Many of you have been asking what happened to Nomonde Gongxeka after she left Yizo Yizo, well I had the chance to interview her and to my surprise, she actually has been working in TV on many projects, but behind the scenes.


After leaving Yizo Yizo, Nomonde was given the opportunity to still work in the field that she loved but this time as a producer. The then young women who played the role of Hazel on the series left early on the show and went on to pursue a very successful career behind the camera. She went from being in front of the camera to being one of the minds behind many great productions. 

In fact, if it wasn't for Nomonde we wouldn't have much content because it was her brilliant mind that went to look not only for, but also found the organisations that sponsored the shows. She is even part of the team that developed MTV. MTV started on SABC before it moved on to DSTV.

Nomonde worked at the SABC from 2008-2013 where her main job was to not only help generate content but also help raise funds to produce those shows.

Her successful career ran for five years and in those five years, she even had the opportunity to work on an initiative close to her heart. She got the opportunity to worth with a family that had a disabled child and she and her team helped the family cope with their difficulty. Nomonde also worked close with team that pitched some educational shows on tv which helped shape learners to chase their dreams in the field of Science and Technology.


One of Nomonde's saddest memories of her career was when she heard of fellow Yizo Yizo actor -  Tshepo Ngwane's death. Tshepo played the role of Tiza on Yizo Yizo.

"Tiza's death made me numb because when you're on set with people you build relationships. Tshepo was such a humble soul, he was determined, he was disciplined and he knew what he wanted and what he wanted was to be an actor. Yes he had his degree and yes he had his business but his heart and soul was in becoming a great actor. As much as he is no longer amongst us, his spirit lives on and I know that he died happy because his purpose on earth was fulfilled. He lived a really fulfilling life". Said Nomonde.

After all that work that she did for the SABC, Nomonde joined the MultiChoice Africa team where she worked all over the continent.Today Nomonde works for an organization that helps ensure that all homes have access to telephones and internet connection, a job she stared less than a month ago. 


It's fair to say that with all her television experience and all the connections she has made throughout her career, a Yizo Yizo reunion is well within her reach and with all the love the show received, bringing the cast back together one more time would be a great idea.

Nomonde is now living a more quiet life with her three children who sometimes also ask if she will ever get into television. 

"My children also ask the same question, like mommy will you ever go back, but the thing is I like to call myself a child of the arts because as much as I am not in front of the camera anymore, I still get this rush through my body every time I step on set even as a producer, when I see other actors and actresses go through their lines and get ready to shoot. I have been in many theatre productions and even danced for many years so the art is in me." Said Nomonde.

We won't see her on TV anytime soon but maybe, just maybe she can get the whole Yizo Yizo cast together for a reunion. That would be a real throwback!

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