Zaba Simbine Accused Of Allegedly Being On Drugs

Her then friend is spilling all the tea from when they were close

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Radio and TV personality Zaba Simbine has just been ripped a new one by her then friend, Zinhle Putinn. Following their social media squabble, Zinhle Putinn has exposed Zulu Simbine for allegedly being on drugs at some point and lying on her then baby daddy for abuse.

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It started off by Zinhle Putinn blasting the people from Durban for being too friendly as she has inserted that she doesn't like being greeted. Following a storm of tweets lambasting her fr being over the top. Her then friend Zaba Simbine came into the mix and called out her for pretend to be something she was not.

"I dislike Durban. Every time I’m here I complain non stop. The people are just slow. On top of that they like greeting non stop, wasting even more time. And then the Indians have weird vibes, it’s giving me racism …On top of that it’s the Durban girls abakhulume ukudla notshwala" wrote Zinhle Putinn
Being a Durbanite herself, radio and TV personality Zaba Simbine took it upon herself to call out Zinhle Putinn for pretending not to be from KwaZulu-Natal. Simbine mentioned that Putinn is from Pongola and Pongola is in kwaZulu-Natal.

"NasoPhongolo bayabingelelana, or has she forgot that's where she's from?" wrote Zaba Simbine
Evidently, Putin was not having any of Simbine's take down as she retweeted her back with some of past traumas and secrets that were shared amongst themselves when they were friends.

"My grandparents are from Pongola not me child …nina bantu base natali niyathanda ukuclaimana…" wrote Zinhle Putinn
Following Putinn denied to being from Pongola, Simbine immediately called her out on her lies while claiming that she knows Putinn being from Pongola. Simbine went on to call Putinn a liar and lying to the public.

"You are either lying to the masses, or you were lying to me. Either way, unamanga" Zaba Simbine
The heat must have been too hot for Zinhle Putinn as she went on to blast Zaba Simbine for allegedly lying on her ex baby daddy for abusing her. Putinn went on to insert that Simbine was allegedly once on drugs

"Girl sit down. You know nothing about me. Only time we had a “friendship” was when you were on drugs and you accused your then baby daddy of abusing you. My grandparents being from Pongola is a known fact, other than that you know nothing about me. Don’t act like we were close" wrote Zinhle Putinn
"The drugs from when you offered me and I declined? I see" wrote Zaba Simbine
Zinhle Putinn, famously known for dribbling DJ Black Coffee after asking for tickets to one his show. The kind Black Coffee offered her tickets but according to Zinhle Putinn, the tickets were not up to her standards. Black Coffee then went to black Zinhle Putinn for demanding and basically being ungrateful.

"Baku dampela lezinto" wrote DJ Black Coffee
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