Singer Zahara Surprised With A Marriage Proposal

Her boyfriend now fiance went all out to hear her say 'yes'

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Singer and songwriter Bulelwa Mkutukana popularly known as Zahara is finally a fiance after a short six months of dating. Zahara's boyfriend, now fiance executed a surprise proposal at home for the songstress to make sure she says yes.

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She is definitely booked and busy and now a wholesome fiance to Mpho Xaba. Apparently Zahara and Mpho Xaba have only been dating for six months but as they always say, where there is love, there is always a way. According to Zimoja Lezinto, Xaba with the help of Zahara's assistant Lisa, they planned and perfectly executed the engagement to make sure in the end the Lolile hit-maker said yes.

Xaba expressed how nervous he was prior proposing to Zahara. Considering they only have been together for a very short period, Xaba had a number of reservations ahead of the proposal. However, with courage and the love for Zahara, he teamed up with her assistant and Zahara's family to plan a beautiful surprise at home.

"I know that I am doing the right thing. I love her. But I am nervous, what If she says No?" said Mpho Xaba

Zimoja Lezinto

Zahara's assistant Lisa reveals how they had to trick Zahara to attend a staged interview just to get her out of the house. Unknowingly, Zahara went along with the plan, only to return home later to a surprise with all her family and friends in attendance.

One of the highlight of the whole proposal was of course Zahara's customized and special ring.

“It’s a beautifully customized proposal ring. I know money is not important, but he paid R10 000 for the ring. We got flowers and covered the ring in a big balloon written ‘Marry Me.’ I had to pretend that she was attending a podcast to get her out of the house, we had her makeup done and everything was ready,” said Zahara's assistant, Lisa

By profession Zahara's now fiance is an engineer and quite a number of intricate details went in the process of making sure that the ring exuded enough of Zahara's unique and interesting personality.

Nervous for not knowing how things could have turned out, Xaba was very hands all in making sure of the smooth sailing of the surprise proposal. His intentions for the ring was that it reflects the love and kindness that Zahara exudes.

“It is modest, yet glamorous and just a representation of her kindness and love.” said Mpho Xaba

Talking to Zimoja Lezinto, Zahara was beyond happy and truly appreciated the surprised proposal.

 "Lisa told me I needed to hurry home for an emergency. When I arrived in the lounge, I saw these big balloons written ‘Marry me.’ I said yes. I love him. He is supportive, kind, and generous.” Family and friends ululated as he went down on one knee, helping her to put on the ring. “I am so happy. But made I got tricked into a fake interview. But I am happy,” said Zahara
Zimoja Lezinto

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