Is Sithelo Folding With Her Recent Insta story?

Good sis has turned to God in light of the backlash she has been receiving.

By  | Mar 29, 2023, 04:16 PM  | Sithelo Shozi  | Drama

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Sithelo Shozi has again dominated the trends list this week. However, this time it was not due to the continuous back and forth that constantly happens between herself and the family of her two youngest children, the Mpisanes. This is as follows Sithelo’s breakup with Andile Mpisane and his subsequent marriage to Tamia Mpisane.

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Everything between the two parties has been public squabbles which continue to land on the front cover of gossip columns, magazines, and online publications. However, Sithelo messed with the wrong one when she thought she could attack a Luh Twizzy on social media and get away with it. 

More especially when that Luh Twizzy is none other than the controversial content creator, influencer and club DJ Cyan Boujee. This comes after Sithelo suggested that Cyan was dirty for using the same cloth for her dishes to clean her bathroom. A matter which Cyan denied as she calmly dragged Sithelo for filth. As stated from Cyan's Tik Tok video: 

“On the side, she also terrorises men. But it shocks me because if you are terrorising men that means you’re rich, and if you are rich that means you should know there are different cloths for every little thing in your house. Oh, but it’s crazy because you don’t have a house. Ag, you were too focussed on the designers that you could buy yourself a house or at least an apartment where you can realise that there are two clothes needed to do two different things.

Let’s give a mother of three a lesson, “two cloths, two different things.” And remember always, I’m almost as old as your son. So the least you could do was pretend and shut the f*ck up so you don’t prove that I am a threat…”
Sithelo, despite being cooked on social media, decided to not respond via Twitter. However, it seems that on Instagram she has subtlety addressed the matter. 

Is Sithelo folding with her recent Insta story? 

Taking to her Instagram stories recently, Sithelo seemed to address her being dragged by Cyan Boujee and the rest of social media by turning to God and Christianity. This is as she has not formally shared any statement addressing Cyan’s comments. Nor has she deleted the divisive post from her timeline. 

However, on Instagram, her recent story was a prayer which asked to be shown what “humble service” looks like. Moreover, she added that “Let my acts of service reflect my deep love for You and the people You created.” 
While all of this might be her form of apology. It seems that social media, Twitter specifically, is not here for it. As reported recently: 

Influencer and DJ Sithelo Shozi continues to be under tweeps wrath following her social media squabble with Cyan Boujee. The controversial Chris Excel have since shamed Shozi for having three kids from different baby daddies at the age of 27 years old.

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